Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Red Envelope Day

In a very profound way, today is a day that has been set aside to bring attention to the abortion issue. It is a day that represents the death of over 50,000,000 innocent babies that were never given the opportunity to see life, to play, to work, to love, or to offer their talents and gifts to this world. It is a reminder to our President that life is precious, that it begins at conception, and that each life is worthy to be counted as a valuable asset to our nation.

As the red envelopes travel across America, I pray that the hearts of those who handle them, those who see them, will rise up, and with one voice loudly proclaim that it is time to bring this deplorable practice to an end. I pray for conviction and repentance for our country's leaders and courts and that they would yield to our Almighty God and His will in this.

Join me.

In Christ,