Friday, September 4, 2009

Rivers Of Living Water

A mighty river begins in the towering rocks of a mountain. As the winter ice and snow are warmed by the sun’s rays, it starts its journey down the steep slopes as a single droplet of crystalline and pure water. Joined by other droplets, the water begins to collect in a pool until the small basin that contains them fills and overflows its brim into another basin. More droplets of water migrate from other ice packs and snow banks, uniting with the first droplet and forming a small rivulet that succumbs to the gravitational forces by which they are propelled.

As each single droplet melds with others, the river begins to build into a small trickle of water. This stream is joined by other streams that took a different course in their descent from the mountain top. The flow of water builds until its force is so great that it forms into a cascading waterfall. Trillions upon trillions of water droplets sparkle like diamonds in the sun as the river comes crashing down the steep slopes. Elbowing its way through the rough terrain, the living force of the water cuts banks and forms channels in the canyon walls. Fed by smaller streams and rivers in their own journey from the mountain top, the mighty river at last slows as it reaches its destination and purpose in the valley below.

The living water Jesus Christ spoke of in John 7:37-38 is much like this description of a mighty river. It begins with a single droplet of faith in the heart of man (Isaiah 55:01) When his thirst rages, a single drop of water will not quench it. He must come to the deep well of salvation and drink great gulps of the life-giving water until he feels satisfied and restored (John 4:13-14). And even then if his course changes, once man has tasted of this water, he will not return to the stagnant pools he once found himself in (Ecclesiastes 11:1). The man who has drunk of the water of life will yield to the Force that propels him down the mountain side and into the valley below (Luke 9:28-42). And as he heeds his Master’s call, he will gather others into the life-giving current until a mighty river of souls is united in a common goal.

Just as one single drop of water begins a mighty river and fills an ocean, one small droplet of God’s Word upon the tongue of a dying man can create a sea of saved souls. The well of the water of life is deep, its source never-ending, and all are called to drink from it (Revelation 22:17). As we journey through the tributaries of its river, let us remember to freely share from our cup for it is kept full by the hand of God and will never empty. And if there ever is fear the river will end, remember that just as the sea gives up its water to the heavens, it is returned to the mountain to begin anew. The life it brings is eternal and the rewards everlasting.

Additional Scripture - click to read:

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