Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Kieran's Mystery Flower

For Mother's Day, my then 5-yr old grandson, Kieran, gave me a little clay pot full of dirt and told me within it there was a flower.  We waited with anticipation for something to grow and when it did, we all wondered what it might be.  Was it a daffodil, a tulip, an Iris?  It struggled in the confined space and didn't appear to be progressing beyond a few slender stalks.  I knew it needed help!

I had a large empty pot that I planted the small mound of dirt holding the foot-long stalks into and added a primrose that managed to survive after bloom for company.  And we continued to wait, all the while pondering what the mystery plant could be.

Almost a full summer went by before it revealed its beauty to us.  My suspicions were correct as it grew into an almost 4-ft tall Gladioli.  I propped it up next to a small bench holding other pots of flowers to keep the stalk from snapping off and waited for it to bloom.

 Our patience and diligent care paid off as we watched the row of buds open into a radiant, sunny, and perfect yellow.  It was all the more perfect  because it came from the heart of my grandson and his love for me.

Because Gladioli must be dug up and kept in storage over the winter or they will perish, I will honor its struggle by trying to preserve it for next year.  Like the love Kieran expressed for me with this simple gift, I will replant it and let it speak of God's eternal beauty and His everlasting love He has so graciously planted in my heart.