Monday, August 24, 2009

Finding The End Of Yourself

“I indeed was this and that; but He came, and a marvelous thing happened.”

Oswald Chambers, My Utmost For His Highest

August 22

There are few discoveries in the beginning of a child’s life that are more wonderful and exciting than realizing his attributes, talents, and developing a personality. From the beginning we apply these things to our emotional growth, creating a persona of whom and what we are. Indeed, our environment plays a critical role in the health of our development, how we are raised and with what degree guidance and nurturing are applied. But once we reach a certain point in our maturity, the outcome ultimately is of our own choosing and our lives are built upon a foundation we begin to lay.

In the beginning of our new-found independence, we rush out into the world, convinced we are capable of tackling all of life’s inconsistencies and problems. Although we may not do so deliberately, we build our lives upon material desires and gain. We begin relationships that are intended to last a lifetime and start families. The burdens of debt and responsibilities begin to pile upon us, but we maintain that this is an essential part of succeeding in life and proudly wear them as badges of honor. However, when trouble comes, the majority of us rarely learn from the hard lesson. Instead we continue to repeat the mistake. Our solution for trials is to either run from and abandon them, or dig a deeper hole that eventually buries us. We are seeing this more and more in today’s economical climate.

If you are someone who has fallen into this pit, you may wonder if there is an end to it, a bottom, so to speak. You frantically assume all of the weight and try to claw your way out. You think if you can just keeping running you will ultimately reach the end of your troubles and at last be able to breathe. But it is not until you reach the end of yourself that life actually begins and as a newborn babe, take your first breath. The foundation you laid may have crumbled into the sand, but once you have reached the end of yourself and placed your faith and trust in Jesus Christ, the foundation you rebuild will stand on solid rock for all of eternity.

Whether you are like the person described above or a Christian bent on dictating to God when and how you will serve Him, the end is where you will find the beginning. It is only at the end of your self-serving nature that you will find new meaning and direction. Begin there. Cast away all the bulwarks of self that you have built and allow Jesus Christ to lead you. When you do, that is where your life will truly begin.

Recommended reading:

Matthew 3:11; 5-7