Friday, November 6, 2009

The Gift

If you were being offered a gift that was beyond any other a man could give, one that was so precious, so priceless because the cost of it was beyond comparison; a gift that you could not only delight in now but for always; one that would give you endless joy, security, and peace and would make you richer than any king - would you reject it?

If the gift meant that you would never again have to struggle, never again have to fear, that all sorrow, worry and trials would cease - would you take it then?

If this priceless gift would mean a renewal of life, health never again affected or damaged, and peace of mind beyond comprehension - would you take the gift being offered?

The price of the gift has been paid in full by another, the conditions surrounding it have been met, and there is nothing more you need do except receive the gift and begin to enjoy it - would you still refuse to take it?

Many have refused it. Many have turned from the hand offering it, preferring instead to amass their own wealth, seek pleasures on their own terms, set their own standards and conditions, and attempt to attain life by their own merits. But they will always fail.

At the end of their lives, they will mourn for their refusal of the gift that was once offered. They will long to go back to the time when they still had a choice before the offer was withdrawn. Then they will know the true value of the gift that had been offered them and they will forever grieve because they rejected it.

If you are reading this and you have yet to seize the gift that is being offered you, there is still time. The Gift Giver is patient and He will not force you to take it. But it is His will that you take it from His hand and begin to enjoy it now while you still have the opportunity. Continued rejection of His gift will eventually drive Him away, and what you could have had will be lost forever.

So, what are you waiting for? Take the gift He is offering you and begin to truly live. And while you are at it, invite Him in to stay, for the gift He is giving is only the beginning of wonders to come.