Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Fool's Errand

"The president said that Iran's promise during the talks to transfer some of its low-enriched uranium to another country for processing is an example of such a step. The uranium would be used in a medical-research reactor." (AP)

Now that you have read the above quote, read it again. Then, if you have not already heard, ask yourself who the "other country" is. For those who do not yet know, it is Russia. Now that you know the "other country" is Russia, consider just what Russia has done for Iran in the last ten years:

1. Russia has helped fund Iran to build their nuclear power plants.

2. Russia has placed nuclear scientists in Iran to help them move Iran's program forward.

3. Russia has given Iran nuclear technology.

4. Russia (and China) have been adamantly opposed to any sanctions being placed by the UN on Iran.

Now consider what God tells us about Russia and Iran in end-times prophecy:

5. Russia is one of the "Kings of the North" - Magog - spoken of in Biblical prophecy. There is only one nation to the extreme north of Israel - "Rosh", or Russia
(Ezekiel 38:1-6; Daniel 11:28-32).

6. Iran, or Persia as it is was formerly known, forms an alliance with Magog in Biblical prophecy

7. Iran, along with the other Arab nations, unites with Magog and the Kings of the North, comprising an army of 200 million, and gathers in the Valley of Megido to attempt to destroy Israel (Ezekiel 39:1-6; Revelation 20:7-9). This is known as the Battle of Armageddon.

The outcome? God wins. But not until after the last three and one half years of the seven years of Tribulation - and absolute destruction, death, and terror.

However, at this juncture, there is jubilation that our President has successfully defied the naysayers and "dialogued" with one of the world's greatest enemies. While listening to Fox News in the car, one would think he had just united the world in a common goal, cured cancer, and solved all of the world's crises. One gentleman even went so far as to applaud the fact that Iran was seemingly willing to have their "low-enriched uranium" (enriched to 20%) that is meant for medical purposes shipped and inspected by Russia. Well, if you were handed a tasty morsel on a silver platter like Iran was, you would be agreeable, too. What better "other country" than Russia, one of Iran's staunchest allies, to "inspect" your uranium and report back to the UN?

The fly in the ointment is that Iran probably doesn't have the centrifuges that are necessary to purify the uranium to a weapon grade, which is 90%, but Russia does. There is no doubt in my mind that Iran has attempted to secure the centrifuges. In fact, there is speculation that as recent as this summer a ship that disappeared off the radar, and one Russia is mute about, may have had what Iran needed in its cargo. It is insane, beyond any logical and reasonable explanation, why anyone would think this is such a great idea! Or are there only a few of us who see the severe danger in this agreement and something more sinister arising from its development?

I have not decided if Obama is just proud, arrogant, altruistic and ignorant, or if he is extremely dangerous. At this point, I am leaning toward the latter. At the very least, he is a fool on a fool's errand. The trouble is the world sees him as someone with the ability to unite even the worst of enemies and blur the borders of hatred. Much to their shame, he is touted as the "world's President", a "messiah", a "savior of all mankind and the earth." Even more disturbing is that I believe Obama also sees himself as some form of "god". But whatever he is or believes he is, he places Americans and the rest of the world in the precarious position of being innocent spectators to his whim and making us wait to see what kind of horror is created out of his actions.

We are on a downward spiral, folks. And Obama is creating the vortex. It is time to open your eyes and your ears to the implications behind his actions. To sit idly by and do nothing serves no one. Silence will only bring what we deserve by remaining silent.

If you do not yet know your God, your Savior Jesus Christ, NOW is the time to make that change in your life. Ask Him to come into your heart, ask Him to forgive you of your sins, and accept the free gift of pardon Jesus Christ secured for you on the cross...before it is too late.

All My Tears - Selah