Thursday, September 24, 2009

Binyamin Netanyahu

I awoke today with a feeling of anticipation that something great was going to happen. It was not an overwhelming feeling; just one that whispered in the back of my mind to be alert and to be watchful. I went about my morning routine: coffee, devotion, contemplation. But my mind was preoccupied and I was unable to keep my focus centered on the tasks I daily perform. I turned on my computer, signed into Facebook, and it was there that I saw what would be a pivotal point not only in my day, but in my lifetime.

Binyamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel, was preparing to speak before the United Nations Assembly. I quickly turned on the television set to FOX News and waited. Within fifteen minutes, I was listening to the most profoundly eloquent speech I personally have ever witnessed. It rivaled those of Winston Churchill, Ronald Reagan, and other notable men of history. But it was different, for I believe that today GOD spoke through Prime Minister Netanyahu.

The passion with which Mr. Netanyahu spoke reached into the very depths of my soul. I felt his people’s sorrow for the atrocities committed against them. I shared their desire to have respect from the world-wide community. I stood beside him in expressing Israel’s right to defend herself, the oldest nation on the face of the earth, and the one blessed by GOD. I applauded his condemnation of the United Nations and their own self-righteous and self-serving condemnation of Israel. And when he began to recite passages from the prophet Isaiah and the book of Joshua, my heart soared and drew me even deeper into a relationship with and understanding of GOD’s chosen people.

But it was Mr. Netanyahu’s conclusion to his speech that found me one foot from my television screen and tears streaming down my cheeks. It was the prayer he invoked. I didn’t need to know the Hebrew language to understand it. Only two words were needed to interpret the entire message behind this prayer: “Adonai” and “Shalom”. It was his intimate call before the whole world to Adonai, the sovereign GOD of all creation. It was a plea to those present and to GOD Almighty to bring peace, “shalom,” to his nation, Israel, that brought the tears and my own plea to the LORD to return and make everything right.

GOD spoke through Binyamin Netanyahu, whether he knew it or not. The Prime Minister's speech was given with boldness, never wavering, and his message was clear and precise. It was reminiscent of the Word of GOD coming to Israel’s prophets and their fearlessness in taking it to the people. Today was a day that all Christians should rejoice over. For today, GOD warned the world that this people, this nation, and the city of Jerusalem belonged to HIM and would always remain HIS, and to continue to malign and attempt to destroy Israel would bring their own destruction. I believe it was a call from GOD to all the nations of the world to turn from wickedness and sin and repent - and to turn to the One Living God for salvation.

Some may say my emotions got hold of me, causing this reaction. Others may say my over-active imagination was the cause, or call me a religious fanatic. Call it what you will, but I know this is not the case. I believe GOD has raised up a warrior for these times, and I believe he is Prime Minister Netanyahu. Although there are groups within his nation who believe concessions should be made to bring the much sought-after peace they all long for, I greatly admire Mr. Netanyahu’s fearless stand against those, like our own President, who are making unrealistic demands on his nation. Obama and the rest of the world’s leaders have met their match and unlike Israel’s leaders in the past, are dealing with a man of conviction and determination. No longer will Israel be cast from her homeland. No longer will Israelis succumb to the suffering and brutality inflicted upon them in the past. No longer will weak and ineffective leaders bow down to the outrageous demands made by the nations who hate them. Israel belongs to GOD, He has given it to the Jews, and the proof is in their history. Yahweh made that very clear today.

I have been watching Binyamin Netanyahu for over ten years now. I will continue to watch him because I believe he is a king in the manner of David who will lead his people by allowing GOD to lead him. I deeply admire and respect this man and his devotion to his nation and its people. I only wish America had a leader half as admirable and trustworthy.

I encourage everyone to keep their eyes focused on Israel - it is where it all started and it is where it will all end.
Continue to lift Israel up in prayer. The “shalom” we all long for will only come about when our LORD and their long-awaited Messiah returns. And that day is not too far away.