Thursday, April 9, 2009

Golgotha Hill

Come and take a walk with me,
To a place we seldom go;
A place that sits upon a hill,
Where tears of sorrow flowed.

A place that speaks of love untold,
And cries of mercies deep;
Golgotha hill stands waiting there
For weary and stumbling feet.

Upon that hill there stands a cross,
Fixed firmly in the ground;
It’s there upon this tree of Grace
Salvation can be found.

With outstretched arms and bleeding brow,
 Our blessed Savior waits;
Upon this cross He bore our sins,
And opened Heaven’s gates.

So walk with me to Calvary’s cross,
Kneel below His feet;
Gaze deep within the face of Love
That drove death to defeat.

Come often to the cross of Christ,
Where blood from fountain flows;
Where cleansing tides of righteousness
Wash o’er His children below.

The tree upon Golgotha hill,
Unhindered by man and time,
Still stands upon the Rock of Grace,
And woos with Love divine.

It waits and calls to each of us,
The journey is not long;
So come and take a walk with me
Where salvation can be found.

Copyright 2007 Karen L. Brahs