Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ah Ha!

I do not believe in coincidence. I do not believe in chance, or fate, or any other secular or mystical explanation for giving things credence or explaining things away. I do, however, believe God engineers certain events and circumstances for His own purpose. And I also believe He can use the best and the worst of mankind to accomplish it.

It is true that we all too often question God’s purpose and will behind certain events. We are too human in that regard, especially when they directly affect us. A range of emotions are apt to spill over us when they do: anger, sadness, fear, or asking the question “why”, to name a few. It is within our human nature to want to be in complete control of our lives and the things that affect them. But that very attitude is what got mankind into trouble in the first place and continues to hinder the relationship God desires to have with us today.

As I watched unsettling events unfold this week in our nation, it dawned on me there may just be other things going on behind the scenes that perplex those who have no clear understanding of prophetic Scripture. Unbelievers, or those who have not fully given themselves to Jesus Christ, may either ignore or attempt to put another label on them. Even more troubling, the Christian community are often not taught the Biblical Truths within prophecy. We see this happening every day in the media with which we are pummeled. There is certainly no shortage of talking heads with opinions, no matter how misguided or misinformed they may be. I must admit, we all have opinions. My frustration lies in the fact they are generally secular with little or no knowledge of Biblical Truths. There is no desire by the media to look beyond the worldly explanation for the things that are occurring. If - and I stress “IF” - an attempt is made to bring in a guest whom they believe is an "authority" on Christianity, it usually leaves me sighing and rolling my eyes towards the ceiling and wanting to tell the person perhaps they should go back to their Bible. Either that, or the one with Biblical answers is minimized, ridiculed, or ignored.

The world believes they have an explanation for everything. Even worse, they believe they have the solutions for the problems. History is replete with men who thought they knew what was best for society and ignored God's guidance. We know all too well the outcome of such thinking. Take our President, for example. His altruistic and misguided belief that he can appease and dialogue with America’s enemies will ultimately lead our nation to ruin. The pride and arrogance that oozes from him causes him to think he has the ability to convince a despot to “play nice”. The fact, however, is that they see him for what he is: weak, ineffective, and easy to defeat. Although the events to come have already been written in heaven, we must wait to see them played out here.

There is no mystery left to be told by God. He has clearly revealed everything to us, from the beginning to the end. Oh, there are a few little details He has shrouded for His own purpose in regard to end-time prophecy. He did this because He knows us all too well. But I cannot count the number of times I have been in His Word, reading passages I have read multiple times, and suddenly exclaiming, “Ah ha!” The proverbial light bulb dangles brightly above my head, illuminating my understanding and providing me with the answers I am seeking. God is faithful that way. If we ask, He will turn on the light bulb.

There will be a day not too far into the future when we will all respond with, “Ah ha!” But it will be for different reasons and with varying emotions that we do so; some with jubilation and some with fear. I believe the events being played out this week in our nation and around the world will all lead to a conclusion that many will wish never came. It will not be by chance or fate that causes this conclusion. Within God’s plan for mankind, an ending has also been written. And He made most of the details available to us to warn us and prepare us for His return.

There are many who find it impossible to understand why anyone in their right mind would want to see the events unfold that bring about the return of Jesus Christ. Indeed, when one reads the Book of Revelation and the horrors that are contained within it, these events would make even the most valiant of men tremble in terror. However, for the benefit of those who do not understand, and in defense of my brothers and sisters in Christ, let me just say that no true Christian wants to see any of their loved ones left behind to suffer God’s judgment upon this earth. Every one of us is in constant prayer for our families and our friends who do not yet know their Savior in the truest sense of the word. However, we also know that God is a Just God, His timing is His own, and when He is ready, the end will begin. We wait in watchfulness to be “caught up” in the clouds with Him because from that moment on, we will forever be in His presence (1Thessalonians 4:13-18). That is what we hope for, and our hope is not something which we have not already gained. We know we are saved. We long for His return. And we will rejoice when He does. It is bitter-sweet. Bitter, because we know there will be people we love who have refused to believe the Truth and are left behind to suffer God’s wrath. Sweet, because we will at last be with our God and our King Jesus Christ for all of eternity.

If you are one that is full of dread by what is to come, it is possible you do not know Jesus Christ. Perhaps you have been deceived by a false gospel, or led astray by one that gives just enough of the Truth to make you believe it is not false (Matthew 24:4-35; Galatians 1:6-9). Or, like all of us at one point in our lives, you continue to run from Him, thinking you have plenty of time for “religion”. It is for you this is written, that you may come to know your Savior Jesus Christ and understand what He did for you on the cross of Calvary. Your sins - past, present, and future - were nailed to the cross with Him. He took all mankind’s sin upon Himself, suffered the wrath of God that was meant for us, and rose gloriously the third day to take His rightful place on His throne. And all that He did was in order for pitiful man to be given eternal life through Him. All it takes for your fears to be swept away is by believing this simple Truth and trusting the One Who bridged the chasm between you and God. Nothing more need be done. His sacrifice was sufficient and nothing you can do will equal it or satisfy God’s holy justice. It was a free gift and is available to all who open their hearts and receive it. But it is also imperative that you are taught all of His Truths, not just a few that leave you questioning the final outcome. These are those that give us abounding peace in spite of what the near future holds.

I pray that SOON you will also say, “Ah ha!” Time is short, my friends, because the signs we are seeing are pointing to His imminent return. I promise when you do, your own light bulb will illuminate your understanding of God’s will and purpose for mankind. It will also soothe any fears or dread you may be experiencing because the peace He brings is incomprehensible.

Who knows? As you are reading this, perhaps God has engineered this moment just for you. If so, pause, open your heart, and ask Him to reveal Himself to you. He is faithful to do it if you will only allow Him.