Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Smith Family Story: Audrey Caroline

Psalm 139:13-16

I have been listening to the Christian worship group, Selah, for many years now.  Their music inspires me and brings me closer to God each time I hear it.  

The lead male voice, Todd Smith, and his wife, Amy, tell the story of adding another child to their wonderful family.  What they did not know until a while into Amy's pregnancy was that the baby girl she carried would be born with Down Syndrome and devastating physical deformities.  Their faith in a merciful God carried them through their trial and gave them the hope, the comfort, and the peace they so desperately prayed for.

I hope that as Todd and Amy tell their beautiful story it will encourage you to take a stand for life.  Each child, regardless of his or her circumstances, is shaped and molded by the hand of God and is precious to Him.  Yet, there are those who would say that baby Audrey Caroline should not have been allowed to be born, that she was a cruel mistake of nature, even of God, and that her birth would only add to her parent's grief. 

Although God did not answer her parent's prayers with a miraculous healing, He spoke to her family, and even to us, through Audrey.  Born on April 7, 2008, God allowed Audrey Caroline Smith two and one half hours to  introduce herself to her family, to fix her eyes on them, to be held, kissed, and loved, then took her home to be with her Maker.  

But it will be a short separation.  One day, Audrey and her family will be reunited in glory, her imperfections gone, and the short time she had here with them will be replaced with an eternity of joy.


Em said...

Just about a month or so ago I ran across this story. I love Selah and heard this song and bawled. I originally thought the song was about miscarriages, but then went to the video and saw the real story. Although the song can be used to help anyone in any kind of situation with a child, that story is truly amazing. Makes me feel so blessed that God "choose" me to carry the kids that I did. We're so blessed aren't we? Thanks for sharing this!

Karen L. Brahs said...

We sure are, Em! If we would only consider the miracle behind getting and then staying pregnant until the baby is born, we wouldn't take it for granted! I remember in my early child development class that subject being talked about and the fact that pregnancy truly is a miracle. The Smith's story speaks so richly of God's love and blessings on us, even when things just don't go as we planned them.

Thanks SO much for leaving your comment, Em!

I love you!

Karie said...

What a beautiful and moving story! It echos some feelings I have had lately, watching others go through their 'plan B'. As I have wrestled with my own disappointments in life, it is so comforting and assuring to feel the love of our Savior and our Father, no matter our circumstances. As was said more eloquently than I can, God has a plan for us and it will bring us joy, we just need to believe and not abandon Him.