Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Praise and Prayer

"Praise awaits You, O God, in Zion; to You our vows will be fulfilled. O You Who hear prayer, to You all men will come. When we were overwhelmed by sins, You forgave our transgressions. Blessed are those You choose and bring near to live in Your courts! We are filled with the good things of Your house, of Your holy temple." Psalm 65:1-4 (NIV)

There are times in each of our lives when we think we cannot bear the burdens that come upon us. We struggle with temptations and trials and often seek relief where it cannot be found. But there is One Who is waiting to hear from us, One Who is offering His shoulder to place our burdens upon and carry them for us if we will only allow Him.

Prayer is essential to the Christian. By communing with the Lord in prayer, it draws us closer to Him and enables us to hear His voice more clearly. God desires that we come to Him with everything that makes us weary or troubles our heart. He is ready to heal, to lift up, and to carry us through the trials of life.

If you have a prayer request, please don't hesitate to let us know. We are ready and willing to take your request before the Lord Who is waiting to intercede on your behalf. By clicking here, you will be redirected to our Praise and Prayer page where you can read the requests that have been left and join us in prayer. By clicking on the "comment" below, you will be taken to the form where you can leave your own prayer request or praise.

Also, let us not forget to praise Him, for He so richly deserves it! Let us know about the wonders the Lord has wrought in your lives in order that we may rejoice with you!


Karen L. Brahs said...

I would like to praise the Lord for His continued encouragement. There have been moments when I contemplated deleting this blog. But I believe the Lord has blessed it and is moving others to join me. Thank you, Becky, for your invaluable help with blog questions. I am so excited that you and Dana have come on board as contributors, and I am praying others will follow your lead! I love you guys!


Mama Mimi (Dana) said...

If this is God's will it will happen. We just need to learn to "wait" on Him. There are alot of things to learn about how to reach people, how to deal with them and how much and how we are supposed to say things. Let's pray for inticement. For those who might be seeking "something" in there lives might just happen on this blog. At the center, we as a board began praying for more abortion minded girls to find us. That may sound like a weird thing to pray for. Who wants anyone to be abortion minded. But God knew the ones who needed help and by golly He answered the prayer and sent them. Last year there were about 70 abortion minded young women who came into the center. An ultrasound was provided for them and out of the 70 we know that approximately 2/3 of them chose life. How great is our God!!! So, He cares and He knows and if there is anyone out there who could benefit from this blog He will send them whether they like it or not! LOL. Let's commit to that prayer for the next month. Let's see how He answers it.


Karen L. Brahs said...

Dear Prayer Warriors:

Friday night late Jane had a intestinal blood vessel rupture. They were able to get the bleeding slowed after two pints of new blood. Yesterday afternoon at 4 o'clock they did a colonoscopy which narrowed the problem down (and thankfully eliminated other much more serious possibilities) and if that tiny vessel does what it's supposed to do (coagulate and heal) I can bring Jane home today. After God to be most glorified in this, I think that is the prayer request and your prayers are deeply appreciated.

Note: I have not mentioned "where" she is because the nature of all the activities in her room are not conducive to visitors. But there is ALWAYS room for prayer!! Thanks for understanding.


Karen L. Brahs said...

Please pray for our cousins, Bobby and Karen, and their daughter, Vala. Vala is back at the school in Ohio after attempting to run away. Her parents also need the funds to keep her there. Ask God to heal Vala's heart and mind.

Also, praise the Lord for Jane's healing! He is good!

Marlene said...

Praise the Lord for Jane's recovery. Marlene

Anonymous said...

Please pray for Doris Hess. She was taken to the hospital last night with a bad headache. They determined she has an anuerism. They are making the decision now whether to transport her to Harbor View hospital in Seattle or do the surgery at Kadlec in Richland. Moving her is dangerous. Pray for her husband Gary and her two kids, Annie and Eric and her mom Carol.

Karen L. Brahs said...
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Karen L. Brahs said...

Please pray for Brent Blaser's health and peace and comfort for his wife, Leslie, and their two kids.

Karen L. Brahs said...

We thank God for your willingness to pray on behalf of our brothers and sisters.

Faith in a prayer-hearing God will make a prayer-loving Christian. - Andrew Murray

Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective. - James 5:16

VOM-USA Prayer Update for March
17, 2009

On Tue. Mar 17 2009 at 09:37 AM

CHINA – Pastor Remains in Custody Despite Insufficient Evidence – China Aid Association

China Aid Association reports that Pastor Lou Yuanqi remains in prison despite a judge’s verdict of “insufficient evidence.” Pastor Yuanqi was arrested in May 2008 and charged with “inciting separatism.” Following his trial on Dec. 15, his 18-year-old daughter was beaten by Chinese police when she tried to speak to her father. Pray for this family as it deals with these challenges. Ask God to touch Pastor Yuanqi’s body as he suffers from hepatitis B and harsh prison conditions have made his health worse. Pray he will have opportunities to share the gospel with his persecutors.

Isaiah 26:3

MALAYSIA – Christian’s Faith Recognized in a Muslim Court – VOM Canada

On March 6, in a rare victory for religious minorities in Malaysia, 60-year-old Mohammad Shar, who is known as Gilbert Freeman, was legally recognized as a non-Muslim by an Islamic court. Freeman brought his case to the Sharia court in Negeri Sembilan state after the National Registration Department refused to acknowledge his Christian faith when he applied for a new identity card. Freeman was raised a Christian by his mother after his Muslim father abandoned the family when Freeman was only two months old. As a result, the judge ruled that Freeman had never been a Muslim and his identity card could therefore be changed. The court also found no evidence that Freeman's parents were ever legally married. Praise the Lord that Freeman's faith has been recognized in this way. Pray for protection for him and thank God for his boldness and courage. Ask God for increased religious freedom in Malaysia.

1 Corinthians 15:57

INDIA – Pastor Shot and Christians Injured in Bomb Attack – VOM Sources

On March 8, Pastor Vinod Kumar James was shot dead and four Christians were injured following a bomb attack on a church in Bihar state, India, according to The Voice of the Martyrs contacts. The pastor had gathered in the church along with 70 others to pray when Rajesh Singh hurled a bomb through the church’s window. “When the believers ran for cover and tried to come out of the church, Singh stopped them at gunpoint and shot James in his abdomen,’’ VOM contacts said. James was sent to the hospital in critical condition. The four others who sustained injuries in the bomb attack were also admitted to a local hospital. Police arrested Singh and recovered four bombs and a homemade pistol in his possession. Singh told local journalists that he attacked the church to protest against the “forcible religious conversions” by Christian missionaries in the area. Pray for safety for believers in this area. Ask God to give them boldness to continue sharing the gospel despite this attack. Thank God for their faithfulness.

Philippians 4:6-7

Karen L. Brahs said...

VOM-USA Prayer Update for March 24, 2009
On Tue. Mar 24 2009 at 08:37 AM Moderator wrote:
PAKISTAN – UPDATE - Young Christian Woman and Her Father Remain in Prison – VOM Sources

Twenty-year-old Sandul Bibi and her father, Gulsher Masih, remain in prison in Pakistan despite four court hearings, according to VOM contacts. “On Feb. 24 Sandul and Gulsher had another court appearance and nothing significant was determined,” VOM contacts said. This has been the outcome for the last four court hearings. Sandul and Gulsher are charged with violating section 295-B of the Pakistani legal code, the ‘blasphemy’ law. Sandul is falsely accused of ripping pages from the Quran. On Oct. 9 a large crowd of Muslims attacked Christian families at a church, throwing stones and firing guns. They were shouting, “Kill Gulsher and his daughter Sandul.” Sandul and her father were arrested after a mob from the local mosque surrounded their house. Loudspeakers from different mosques broadcast accusations that Christians had disgraced the Quran, calling Muslims to attack and burn their homes. The angry crowd threw stones and set fire to Sandul's home. Christians believe Sandul and her father were targeted and arrested because they were aggressively winning villagers to Christ. VOM encourages you to continue lifting this family up in prayer, asking God to encourage them.

2 Thessalonians 3:2-5

IRAN - Christian Released After 27 Days in Prison – Farsi Christian News Network

On Feb. 25, 27-year-old Hossein Karimi was released from prison after placing his home as collateral, according to Farsi Christian Network News (FCNN). Hossein, a new convert, had been arrested on charges of attending home churches, evangelizing, storing Bibles and converting to the Christian faith, FCNN reported. Hossein was arrested by Iranian secret police on Jan. 30 and was held for 27 days in an unknown location until his release. He is now waiting for the courts to give him a scheduled date to present his case. Prior to this recent incident, Hossein was arrested in November 2008. According to FCNN, he was taken into custody, fingerprinted and photographed. He was then released on bail after four days with a stipulation that he would no longer participate in any Christian activities. Praise God for Hossein’s faithfulness to the Lord and his release. The Voice of the Martyrs encourages you to pray for him. Ask God to protect him as the Iranian government will be watching him closely. Pray Hossein will continue to stand for Christ.

1 Corinthians 15:57

ISRAEL- Case of Bombing at Christian Home Still Unsolved – Jerusalem Institute of Justice

The Israeli government has not prosecuted individuals responsible for the bombing at the Ortiz home in Ariel, Israel, despite the family providing a video tape of the culprits, according to Jerusalem Institute of Justice. The attack on March 20, 2008, which was recorded on the family’s surveillance camera, severely injured 15-year-old Ami Ortiz. Even though the family has provided police with the video, the perpetrators have not been arrested. Praise God for Ami’s continued recovery. Pray those responsible for the attack will be brought to justice. Ask God to protect Messianic Jews who are taking a stand for Christ despite possible persecution. Pray Ami and his family will forgive their persecutors.

Psalm 91:1-5

LAOS – Believers Facing Increased Persecution – VOM Sources

Believers in Oudomsay province, Laos, are facing increased harassment from authorities. One believer has repeatedly been summoned by police since November 2008. Pray for the continued safety of believers in Laos. Ask God to encourage and strengthen them during this difficult time.

Psalm 32:7

Karen L. Brahs said...

(This was forwarded from our Pastor, Paul Guay, who received it from the Slavic Gospel Association. Your prayers would be appreciated!)

We recently received word that yet another SGA-supported pastor has been arrested. This time it was Pastor Pavel Nenno, the
director of a shelter for homeless children in Old Sergeli, Uzbekistan. Pavel's arrest took place on March 27, and the Uzbek
authorities confiscated his two computers, which were filled with communications with SGA. They also confiscated his Bibles, a
small pastor's library, and work files. Pavel's wife, Oksana, and daughters, 13-year-old Vika and 6-year-old Anna, didn't know if
they would ever see their father again, but he was released two days later. However, Pavel now faces several charges including
conducting illegal religious activities with children, and using Christian literature and computers in educational activities with

Please pray for Pavel, Oksana, and their daughters as they await his trial. Pray that he will be able to replace his computer and
the other resources he needs for his ministry. And especiallypray for the 65 precious homeless children who lost their beloved
Christian family who gave them lunch every day. This has no doubt caused these beloved children much grief and anxiety.

More Difficulties in Azerbaijan

In Azerbaijan, which like Uzbekistan, is largely Muslim, police in the town of Agdash raided a peaceful religious meeting in a
private home owned by an elderly Baptist woman named Vera Zhuchaeva, who is in her seventies. According to Forum 18 and
local believers, on March 25 parents had been invited to send their children to Vera's home to listen to Bible stories during
the spring holiday. There were 12 children there with their parents' permission. Police confiscated 508 books, a projector,
and 40 film recordings, which included Hollywood films on biblical themes. Some of the believers present were taken to the
police station, where they were interrogated, and their identity documents seized.

Interestingly, despite a local television station airing footage of the raid, officials at first denied to Western news outlets
that such a raid took place. Later, local prosecutor Munis Abuzarli was quoted as saying that three Baptists visiting from a
church in the capital of Baku were charged with "illegally spreading Christianity and other faiths," and fined.
When asked how the three Baptists had violated the law, Mr. Abuzarli replied that they taught religion to children.

There is much more to this story than I have room to report, but it is yet another example of the great pressure being endured by
our brothers and sisters in Azerbaijan. Please pray for these oppressed believers, their churches and their pastors. Pray for
Pastor Ilya Zenchenko, who leads the Baptist Union in Azerbaijan. Pray that these charges will eventually be overturned, and that
the Gospel will be allowed to go forth unhindered. And pray that God will grant us the wisdom and resources to be able to serve
and encourage these beloved brothers and sisters. They are truly inspiring us by their faithful example under fire.

In closing, let me thank you again for your faithfulness in prayer and support of our ministry at SGA. May you have a most
blessed Resurrection Day, and may the Lord continue to bless youand all your loved ones abundantly as you serve Him.

In His love and service,

Dr. Robert W. Provost
Slavic Gospel Association

Karen L. Brahs said...

Please undertake in prayer for Katy Isley's friend...

Mike's Mom just called me and asked that her friends be added to our prayers list. This is what I know. Troy, father of three kids 36 years old has just been diagnosed with lung, bone and colon cancer. His wife Stephani has just started working for the city of Richland 1 month ago so they don't know yet if they will have insurance. Troy's mother and two siblings have already died of cancer at very young ages. We know that the Lord can heal!