Thursday, May 21, 2009

Was Obama Ever Told "No"?

Barack Obama reminds me of a spoiled child who, while growing up, always got his way and was never told "No!" by those raising him. His life was void of a father to properly instruct him and a mother to gently nurture him, and his grandparents were thrust into the position of parenting. My feeling is that they did a very poor job of it and we are seeing the results of their attempt today.

Giving up their lives, providing for Obama, and his grandmother working hard to see him advance his education are all admirable things. No one can deny that. But just because he was coddled by them does not mean they instilled within him any meaningful values. All one has to do is examine with whom he aligned himself throughout his life and how they influenced him, and his philosophies and ideologies that malign and denigrate every aspect of God's moral law. By doing so, we are able to see the real man who holds the highest office in our nation. If his grandparents did try to guide him in the right direction, they failed him by not closely guarding against his wanderings and his associations. The end result was the creation of a bully on the playground.

Yesterday, the Congress chose to resoundingly vote "NO" to Obama's request for $80 million to close the Guantanamo prison in Cuba until he gave them a clear and distinct plan on how he was to handle 240 detainees that want to wipe every American from the map. Today, Obama responded with a speech before the only audience left who are still feeding his twisted ego: civil rights groups and bleeding hearts who are incapable of seeing beyond their own altruistic eyeballs. He knows he has no support from the average sensible American. Even the ones who supported him in the election are beginning to have second thoughts, as was evident in the number of their votes against his proposal. Obama was told "NO" in no uncertain terms, and he does not like it.

What we saw from Obama today was the return of a spoiled child who throws a hissy fit when he does not get his own way. Because it is impossible for a megalomaniac to ever accept responsibility, or to admit when he is wrong, his only reaction is to point the finger of blame at every one else. He stomped his feet and wailed for 25 of the 30-minute speech on how all of this was the Bush Administration's fault and that it had been thrown in his lap and he was only trying to fix it. He accused the previous Administration of having a knee-jerk reaction to 9/11 and that "fear rather than foresight" drove them to do the inhumane, causing America to go "off course". Instead of lauding the Bush Administration for effectively protecting and defending America from other attacks, Obama continued his rhetorical tirade against their success. After all, it was theirs, not his, and he does not like that, either.

The immaturity, ignorance, and unholy pride of this President deeply disturbs me. It should disturb every American that values his or her freedom from tyranny. Obama is moving this once-glorious nation to ruin, leading her as a child would lead a bunch of misfits into bad behavior and trouble. No matter how many times this child is told "NO", he will do as he pleases until he either brings himself down, or takes everyone along with him.

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