Monday, June 1, 2009

Will We Be Like Them?

Tiller the Baby Killer is dead! George Tiller, the late term abortionist from Kansas was killed yesterday as he served as an usher in his church. Most people would think that I , a person who values life and proudly carries the anti abortion flag, would be happy that this man, the murderer of countless children, was dead. But I cannot be happy that a life has been taken by anyone but God. "Vengeance is Mine, and retribution, in due time their foot will slip; And the impending things are hastening upon them." Deuteronomy 32:35. God makes it very clear that we are in no position to decide who lives and who dies.

In the movie The End of the Spear there is a poignant moment when the son of Nate Saint, a missionary in the Amazon, asks his father if he will take a gun and use it if his life is threatened. His father tells him that he won't. His son worries for his father's life but he reminds him that he knows the Lord and knows that he will be in heaven with Jesus if something happens to him . But the man who would seek to harm him does not have that hope, hence, he needs to live until someone carries the gospel message to him. Instead of taking the life of George Tiller, wouldn't it have been far better to have told him about the love of God? Wouldn't it have been far better to pray for the man to be convicted of his sin so he would have been compelled to repent and follow God?

I am quite certain that this news will be a blight on all who value life. We have already been labeled terrorists by the head of Home Land Security Janet Napalitano. This can only add fuel to the fire. The president of NARAL (National Abortion Rights Action League), Kelli Conlin, said today, "It is cold-blooded, vicious actions like today's assassination that make it hard for those of us in the pro-choice community to find common ground with those on the other side." It is voices like her's that are very dangerous to our cause but the actions of Scott Roeder, Tiller's assassin, are equally dangerous. We need to use our voices, get involved in pro-life organizations like Life Options who educate young men and women on the consequences of sexual activity out of wedlock. Who teach our youth about a God who loves them and values them as a beautiful creation. Who value life from conception to natural death. Violence against our unborn, infirm, handicapped and elderly is something used by groups like NARAL . Will we chose to be like them?

A part of me is relieved that George Tiller is dead. But will the unborn be any safer because of his death? Satan seeks to devour our young and will use any willing person to get the job done. We can only hope that hearts will be changed in this fallen world. God help us.


Em said...

Great blog. I was thinking a lot of the same things when I heard about his death on the radio. Sadly, the man who killed him was making the same mistake that tiller'd been making his entire life. They both believed they were justified in killing people. Sad, very sad.

Karen L. Brahs said...

Well said. I was at a loss yesterday as to how I would comment on this, both here and on FB. I knew that if I said, "Good riddance!" I would only be advocating and condoning cold-blooded murder. The murder of 60,000 innocent babies (the number of abortions he had performed prior to his death), kept prodding me to feel that way. It is the human side of me that felt justice had been served. But whose justice, mine or Gods? Obviously, mine. That put me in another spin. There is nothing good to say about the man. He was vile and, according to an AP article today, his wife and children encouraged him to continue his practice. So, to make this short, I wrote nothing.

The repercussions of Roeder's act of violence are already beginning to take shape. I received a statement from Life Issues today condemning it and obviously trying to undo the damage this man has done to the pro-life movement. Tonight, I heard on FOX news that the government is looking into what connections, if any, Roeder had with any "anti-abortion" groups. The question is begged, what will they do with that information? We can be assured that there will be nothing good that comes out of this. Two lives were destroyed yesterday: Tiller's and Roeder's. Tiller is dead and has faced his Judge, but there is still hope for Roeder.

Katy said...

Isn't it aggrevating that the actions of one "pro-life" person can give all of us a bad name. Great blog Mom!