Thursday, July 2, 2009

Equal Justice

“Let the sea resound, and everything in it,
the world, and all who live in it.
Let the rivers clap their hands,
Let the mountains sing together for joy;
let them sing before the LORD,
for He comes to judge the earth.
He will judge the world in righteousness
and the peoples with equity.”

Psalm 98:7-9

The framers of our Constitution maintained that equal justice was intended for all citizens of the new Federation. It was critical that this be the foundation upon which America was built. Her forefathers understood the threat of tyranny and oppression for they had risen out of the scorching ashes of such governments. Through prayer, blood and tears, the early settlers fought to form a nation established upon the principals of God’s holy and just laws. They wrote our time-honored documents to reflect His perfect and indisputable commandments by insisting that “all men are created equal” in God’s sight and that “all men should be afforded equal protection under the law.” And in order to assure equal protection, basic human rights were awarded to the people to prevent a return to the tyranny from which they had escaped. It is my contention that God Almighty established this nation, not man. They were but the obedient instruments used to reveal His perfect justice to a world of injustice. Through His guidance, America would become a beacon of light shining upon a dark and oppressive world.

For two centuries America remained that beacon of light. The downtrodden flocked to her shores seeking a better life and the freedoms she afforded. God continued to bless her with prosperity and protection and placed the United States as an example that brought envy to the world. But within the last half century her walls began to crumble. The very documents that established America as a God-fearing nation were being eroded and reinterpreted by men bent on rewriting them to suit their own twisted philosophies. Basic rights once given to protect the citizens from heavy-handed, tyrannical intrusion were amended to further weaken the premise of “by the people, for the people.” Complacency and ignorance swept over the populace as they placed men in positions of power who were driven to bring “change” to what was once a bright and shining example of the closest thing to perfection men could devise. We now find our beloved America at a crossroad where one wrong turn could bring her walls completely down to a heap of ruin.

In spite of those who adamantly deny that our forefathers allowed God to guide them in the creation of our nation, our founder’s own writings prove otherwise. The claim of contradictions regarding their spirituality are weak at best. Regardless of their tenets, each reflected within their writings an affirmation of a sovereign God and His perfect justice. They acknowledged Him clearly and plainly as Creator. They honored His name by adhering to His principals and instilling them in our governing documents. But our Creator is systematically and methodically being ripped from them. Cunning attempts to completely remove God from every visible aspect of our government and our society are being made by men and women with no understanding of the true peril of their actions. If they are successful, our God will completely remove His blessings upon our nation and the America He has so graciously blessed will cease to exist.

God’s judicial equality extends far beyond our immediate situation. His justice is perfection and it is required and demanded by Him that all men eventually face a final judgment. However at this juncture, His justice also provides us an opportunity to return to obedience, to re-instill Him in our society and government, and to re-acknowledge the abundance with which He so richly blessed our nation.

America has been given a stay of execution, so to speak. But in God’s timing, she has only minutes left to remedy the wrongs committed. Let us all pray it happens quickly before the Lord enacts His final justice equally upon all her citizens.

Recommended reading:

Job 8:3:7
Psalms 99:4
Isaiah 10:2; 30:18; 56:1; 59:8-11
Joel 2:12-14
Hosea 14
Luke 18:7
Romans 3:25

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