Tuesday, August 25, 2009

John Piper

Sometimes a description cannot be given because there is no breath left for words.



Em said...

Very powerful.

presidentin08 said...

I came across your blog entry while doing a search and have seen this Piper video many times and think it is wonderfully true and powerful.

I do not come to this page for that reason, sadly. I come for a sad and difficult duty to inform you that your page, this very page, is promoting a fraudulent couple and their 'ministry', Mormon Missions Midwest Outreach

The bible tells us to rebuke if a brother offends, I have done so. it says take witnesses if they continue in sin. I have done so. It says to bring it to the full congregation. I am so doing.

Helen Hulse has reviled, lied, slandered, rumored and libeled many a good serving believer in Christ.
Her husband has abdicated his godly authority over her and done nothing to stop her, but has been complicit.

Now they have committed actual federal crimes against those they pretend to represent and who they beg to support them.

They have vilified many who have not sought government permission to minister as illegitimate, even going so far as to call having a 501c3 status part of ministering the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

On may 15, 2011 the US Federal government revoked their status.

The Reason was that the Hulses saw fit to disobey the government regulations for reporting and their last valid report was done in year 2007.

For the last two years, they have continued to proclaim through lies and deception, their status and solicited donations, promising tax exemption of donations.

I cannot guess how many false tax returns were caused by those who believed they had donated to a real 501c3 and illegally took the deduction.

I kindly ask you to remove the Hulse's 'ministry' from your blog's pages and follow the Bible that tells us to disassociate ourselves from those who call themselves our brothers, mark them and avoid them.

Here is the IRS link validating their revocation, dates and reason, as stated above


In Christ,
Arthur Adam Haglund

Blog Administrator, Karen L. Brahs said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you found what you were looking for and that it was edifying to you.

I followed the link you provided for the truth of MMMO's non-profit status. It's dismaying to see that organizations that reportedly make false claims or, at the least, refuse to explain their reason for failing to abide by the requirements of the law, are continuing to receive donations without full disclosure.

I also attempted to do a web search for additional information, but with no results, other than their Facebook page, and issues not related to this problem. In other words, there is very little negative information available, other than what you have shown.

I have spent many years witnessing to Mormons and it's apparent that the Hulse's at least began with good intentions. Because additional support for your other accusations against them has not been provided, I will forgo commenting on and perpetuating hearsay or rumors without the Hulse's ability to defend those accusations, because that is also a sin.

However, solely based on the evidence you have provided, that they receive donations by others who have been led to believe their non-profit status is current and that the donations are tax deductible, which they clearly aren't, I'll be removing their organization from this blog.

Thank you for your concern over the integrity of my blog. I certainly want to keep it untainted, as much as I am able.

I hope you will continue to visit.

In Christ,


presidentin08 said...

contact me at my email:
I shall provide you wil a bit more information, screenshots and saved pages that Helen has altered to make the truth look like she is the eternal martyr.

presidentin08 said...

Here are a few URLs to click on for more verification, plus you can contact me, as stated:


Blog Administrator, Karen L. Brahs said...

Once again, thank you for bringing the Hulse's non-profit problem to my attention. However, continuing to dig into their purported indiscretions isn't necessary. One shouldn't become obsessed in pointing out the faults in others when we have plenty of our own to address. I have removed their name from this blog and have no desire to go any farther.

If a good Mormon witness source is requested by those I know, I have plenty of reliable websites and people to direct them to.

Thank you again for your concern.

In Christ,