Friday, September 18, 2009

When We Need Help, Will There Be Anyone Who Comes?

In 1939, seventy years ago today, Germany invaded Poland and the Czech Republic. Rising in anger, the United States of America quickly allied with these two tiny nations and stood boldly with them and fought to restore their sovereignty. As a member of NATO, Poland was one of the first nations to ally with the United States in the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. When President Bush asked for NATO allies to join America, Poland quickly responded by recalling America's role in World War II, saying they would never forget and always be grateful. They sent their sons and daughters to fight alongside ours, and remain there to this day. But in the time it took to utter a short phrase, Obama has destroyed the relationship we once held dear with the people of Poland and the Czech Republic and issued them a death sentence. He remembered this terrible day not by issuing a statement of continued support to the Polish and Czech people, but by turning his back on them.

It doesn't take a political science major, a social studies professor, a historian, or even a psychiatrist to know the true intentions of Putin and his puppet, Medvedev. Their actions speak loudly in world affairs. It is their intention to re-establish the principals and government of the old Soviet Union, and a reorganization of the states that comprised it. And our President is assisting them in any way he can.

Obama handed Putin a victory today on a gold-trimmed silver platter. Upon this gilded platter was a morsel of underhanded political maneuvering that defies common reasoning. The missile defense shield that was introduced by the previous Administration was intended to not only defend our nation, but to defend Europe from despots such as Putin, Ahmadinejad and the fanatical mullahs bent on world dominance. The system was to be placed in Poland with critical radar positioned in the Czech Republic. Both Poland and her neighbor welcomed this system, but Russia has been fighting it from its inception. Because of the threat of Russia flexing its military muscle in recent years and their invasion into Georgia, a sovereign nation, Poland and the Czech Republic knew that to not have it would put their own sovereignty in grave danger. Russia knew it and relied on it not happening. And our President also knows it.

To make matters worse, Robert Gates, former staff member of both George H.W. and George W. Bush, and one that defended the logic of installing the missile defense system, has suddenly had a change of heart. Or did he? It is my contention that men like Gates have one drive - power - and how he gets it and with whom he aligns himself to secure it is immaterial.

"It is no longer needed," Obama and Gates claim. After all, Iran is not a serious threat, right? However, someone within the IAEA had a conscience today and secretly released a unauthorized report stating there is indisputable evidence that Iran is now capable of building a nuclear bomb and are currently working on a delivery system. That won't take long. I am sure North Korea is helping out every chance they get. It has also been determined that within a maximum of five years, Iran's "short-range missiles" which are only capable of reaching places like...oh, let's say, Israel, another ally of ours...will be replaced with the ability to strike our own nation. Are you squirming now?

Just what was the quid pro quo, Mr. Obama? What exchange of "favors" did you and Russia agree upon that convinced you to scrap a vital defense system that could possibly save the lives of millions of people? Is it your idiotic and altruistic idea that you can reasonably "chat" with our enemies over a beer and gain ground? Was it Russia's "reliable word" that they would help rein in Iran? Or did they tell you they would dismantle a few of their own nukes they have had aimed at us for decades? My guess is that Putin and Medvedev are rubbing their palms in glee and laughing at your lack of foreign clout and your pathetic display of gullibility and weakness.

More important, however, is the fact that for the first time in its history, America has turned its back on one of our true allies. It has been reported that the leader of Poland is refusing to take calls from our Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. My question to her would be, "Can you blame him?"

There may come a time in our history when America will have to ask someone to help defend her against enemies who gather at her borders. But if this man who now sits in the highest position we bestow on one of its citizens continues insulting, impugning, and diminishing our allies at his current rate, there will be none left to ask.

I have always wondered where the most powerful nation in the world is in end-times prophecy. Perhaps what is going on within our nation at this moment is the answer to my question.


Mama Mimi (Dana) said...

Hey. Good article but I thought I would tell you that it's Robert Gates not Bill. I always do the same thing. LOL Anyway, thought you would like to know. TEE HEE

Karen L. Brahs said...

OH, give me a break! LOL!! First it was the two George's, now it's "Bill"! LOL!! Thanks for the heads-up - I'll fix it here and on FB!