Thursday, January 7, 2010

The most well-established and oldest organization in the world is looking for loyal and energetic individuals to become part of a fast-growing, world-wide enterprise!  

No previous experience or resume is necessary, but net-working with others is essential.  Private contacts are also encouraged, including those from your own contact lists. If you need help, there are millions of others who will gladly share their lists with you and assist you in your endeavor!

There is no limit to the positions that are available!  Anyone who applies is guaranteed placement!  Work from your own home, school, or office - even your car!  And you control your own hours of operation!  We guarantee there is no cash out-lay, no rent, or overhead.  Everything you need is provided, free of charge!

Free guidance is also offered by qualified agents to help you establish your territory, and each referral is sent directly to the Chief Operations Officer who will finalize all - that's ALL - requests!   Although an occasional follow-up may be required, no further work need be done.

The current pay scale is low, but the future benefits are outstanding, including some of the following:
  • Unrivaled security!  Enjoy peace of mind and assurance that yours and others' needs and requests are being completely met.
  • Guaranteed lifetime employment!  There will never be a time that the organization will face the threat of lay-offs or closure due to the economy or natural disaster. Its assets have been secure for generations, and will continue to remain so.
  • Unequaled health and death benefits!  If you, or a loved one, ever becomes sick or injured, regardless of the cause, enjoy the peace of mind that our organization will make every effort to see that your needs are addressed and that you are given the very best care available.
  • Amazing retirement benefits!  We pride ourselves in providing a retirement unlike any other.  When the time comes to leave the work force, untold riches await you, and the keys to a magnificent palace,  which has been designed specifically for you, will be handed over to you to enjoy forever! 
Don't delay!  Apply now!

All that's required is a verbal personal commitment made to the Chief Operations Officer and you can immediately begin enjoying your work...and seeing positive results!

Time is of the essence.  Call Him today.  We know you won't be disappointed!

(Testimonials from current employees can be seen in "Comments".  We would love to hear yours! - Editorial Staff)


cathy said...

Hi Karen, not to many people want to serve Christ these dsy's much less write about Him.I love you blog I hope we can be blogging friend's when you com to my blog please keep in mind that I am a new blogger. But I am sure with the Lord's help I will get better. My name is Cathy Foster and I hope to here from you soon.

Karen L. Brahs said...

Welcome, Cathy! Thanks so much for visiting my blog! I most certainly will visit yours, too! All that is written for and about Him brings Him glory and honor, regardless of the eloquence! He will bless you for it!

In Christ,


Karie said...

Being a disciple of Jesus Christ is truly a privilege. We have so many opportunities to learn of him and share our knowledge and commitment with others in this day of such amazing technology.
I appreciate your efforts share your love of the Savior with others.

cathy said...

I was so thrilled to see your comment on my blog. I'm new to blogging so it will take me a while to get the way I know will glorify the Lord.I love your blog can you tell me how I can make mine better? I have a lot of health problems and the drs still can't figure out whats wrong with me.But your encouraging words lift my spirits thank you with all my heart. Please keep me in your prayers and I will keep you in mine.Love In Christ Cathy Foster