Sunday, February 7, 2010

My Ineptness Shines Through!

I recently added or, should I say tried to add, a very useful tool called RefTagger to the blog.  It is offered by, a Bible reference website.  The advantage it has over Biblegateway is that when you hover your mouse on the highlighted Bible verse I have added, instead of opening a new page, a box pops up containing the referenced chapter and verse.  It provides immediate reference and the ability to continue to read additional Scripture verses, if desired, by clicking "more" in the bottom of the box .

The problem I had was with the "control panel" that was also offered.  This option allows the reader to modify his Bible preference - such as changing the translation from the New International Version to the King James, etc., and to use more information tools from   However, there was a separate code that was provided, a "Step 2", if you will, that I have been unable to figure out and determine the proper place to put it. 

The main tool was easy.  Simply choose your preferred translation and add it as a page element to the bottom of the layout.  The second step involved adding the control panel, if you wished.  They provide a code to copy where you want the control panel to appear, then comes the dreaded "Step 2".  They instruct you to "add it to the head section of your page's HTML."  That's where I run into a wall.  When the first code is applied in layout where I want it to be, I don't get the control panel, only a box with part of the information.  AND, not fully understanding where the "head section" of my "page's HTML" is, I guess the wall I have run into is impenetrable at this point!  At least until someone with much more knowledge on the ins and outs of the layout comes to my rescue and helps me place the second code where it belongs!  The box that shows up in the right-hand column does not reflect the image it should.  However, the tool is useable.

So, for now, if you wish to read the highlighted Bible verses in your preferred version, look above "Labels" (inserted between my introduction and "Labels") in the right-hand column.  It will have the heading "Bible Options". Simply click on the version tab to bring up a drop-down box, select your version and click "save".  You are then able to hover your mouse on any Scripture verse that is added to the articles you read here to bring up the referenced verse.  Either that, or go to Biblegateway found in the right-hand column and look up the verse in your preferred version.  Both are valuable tools for referencing Scripture.

If you have any suggestions to offer or know where the "head section" of my "page's HTML" is and where within that section I am to place the code, I would sure appreciate the help.   I am the first to admit I can often be terribly inept when it comes to things like this.  In the meantime, I will keep trying to make your visit a more enjoyable one!

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