Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Gao Zhisheng Update: Please Continue to Pray

"Commit your ways to the Lord; trust in Him and He will do this; He will make your righteousness shine like the dawn, the justice of your cause like the noonday sun."
Psalm 37:5-6 

God has answered our prayers!  The whereabouts of Chinese human rights attorney, Gao Zhisheng, have been confirmed!  Through a recent phone conversation with AP and Reuters, and finally with his family and friends, Gao is alive and currently "residing" at a "Buddhist landmark in Shanxi province."  See the following link to read the details:

Through your tireless prayers offered on his behalf, and for the compassionate demands and persistent pressure some of our Congressmen have expressed to the Chinese government for Gao's release, the international pressure placed upon China has forced them to at least reveal he is still alive. 

Although this is wonderful news - God be given the praise! - we need to continue to be in vigilant prayer for Gao.  The Chinese government places "detainees" in camps that are designed to "re-educate" them through labor.  Because Gao's condition and location has been kept secret until now, we have no idea what he has endured or where he was kept prior to being placed in his current location, other than he was "detained" for 6 months and now "resides" there.

The effectiveness of the Chinese government's "re-education" process often breaks the spirit, returning the detainee to subjection and obedience to their God-less government.  Gao had been brutally tortured on other occasions when the Chinese government arrested him for his work.  Because Gao was obviously being watched during his phone conversation, it is clear that he was unable to give specifics to his family and friends.  His statement, "This is a mistake and I want to correct the mistake," is troubling, but perhaps was forced upon him by those holding him in order to give the world the impression he was wrong and his arrest justified.  It is my hope and prayer that Gao's spirit was not broken and that he remains dedicated to giving the Gospel to his people and continuing to fight for their right to worship freely.

Gao's wife, Geng He, and his children were "overwhelmed" with tears when they heard his voice on the other end of the phone.  However, China Aid clarified that they were not necessarily all tears of joy.  Geng He continues to bring attention to her husband's plight and is moving forward in the battle to secure his release.  She has enlisted the aid of  Freedom Now, a non-profit legal organization, to press the Chinese government to allow him to join his family in the United States.  Until that happens, the tears she now sheds will remain tears of sorrow.

Please continue to pray.  Ask the Lord to strengthen Gao's faith and trust Him and to remain true to Jesus Christ.  Also pray that the Lord will reunite Gao with his family in the U.S. and that he will be able to continue to honor God and work for his people here.

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history145 said...

Dear Lord Jesus,

We lift up this man to you today and pray that He will be strengthened and remain true to his faith in You despite all of the attacks from the Chinese government. Keep him strong and help him as only you can.