Thursday, April 26, 2012

Al Mohler: Live Dangerously

Editor's note:  I first published this in September of 2010.  The depth to which Albert Mohler took my mind, heart, and soul was profound then, and it remains to this day that the message contained within this post is timeless.

On April 18th, Dr. Thomas White, Director of The Voice of the Martyrs, took his own life.  The reason and circumstances are not important, for only God and Dr. White know the truths behind what we see as a senseless act.  Some will remember him for the end of his life, choosing to build their own story on hearsay and rumor.  In the days to come, bloggers will sensationalize, theorize, and in their own words, either memorialize Dr. White's tireless work, or wrongly tear him down and condemn his final action without truly knowing the circumstances.

It is my belief that we should remain silent.  What may or may not have transpired prior to that ultimate moment of decision by Dr. White is not our concern and he is no longer here to defend himself.  What is done is done, regardless of the motivation that drove him to suicide.  In spite of what some are saying or intimating, only God knew his heart and the reality or truth of his salvation.  In silence, I will leave Dr. White's eternal destination to Him.

As I re-watched this video and listened to Albert Mohler's words, it reminded me of Tom White and his devotion to living dangerously.  I have been a follower and supporter of The Voice of the Martyrs for over a decade.  There was never a time when I would read his opening letter in the monthly newsletter that he would not move and inspire me with his words.  The places he traveled to, often under secrecy, were hostile to the message he was attempting to bring and to maintain it in the hearts of those living in such conditions.  The people he met and prayed with were like those Albert Mohler speaks of: faithful servants, bold, fearless, and persecuted for their love of Jesus Christ.

If Tom White was driven, the road he walked upon was paved with Grace and the LORD directed his feet to deliver the Good News of salvation to a dangerous world.  Although I did not know him, I would prefer to remember him this way and I will continue to praise God for placing men such as Tom White upon this road, a man who was willing to face whatever peril may come, and face it fearlessly.

I would like to dedicate this video to Dr. Tom White and to his precious family, friends, and colleagues who are grieving over their loss.  I pray that he is at peaceful rest with his God and that I may one day meet him and the martyrs he served.


And he said to them, “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation."

Mark 16:15

How willing are you to give your all for God; to live dangerously, forsaking every comfort, every security, even to the point of death?

Many have made such great sacrifice.  There is no shortage of stories told of brave men and women who fearlessly walked out into the world for the sake of the Gospel.  The Holy Spirit whispered, "Go," and they faithfully obeyed.  The fruits of their labor were proven as they whispered to the lost, "Come."  And heaven rejoiced, the angels sang, and the Lord smiled as the harvest was laid at His feet.

There are still nations of people spread across the earth who have not yet heard of their Savior Jesus Christ.  But it is not necessary for us to travel to the four corners of the earth in search of them.  The lost also dwell in our neighborhoods, our families, and our own nation.

The opportunities have been given to us.  Yet, it is up to us to make the choice to risk everything for the One Who gave us everything.  Those in the darkest nations who have chosen to give their all to God know the dangerous consequences of their faithfulness.  They know the cost is great and that they will suffer loss and even death for their witness.  Yet, they continue to walk out into their neighborhoods with the Gospel of Jesus Christ in their hearts and on their lips, in spite of what may come.

When the time arrives that we who live in safety and security face the same persecution, will we be as faithful?  Will we be as bold, willing to live dangerously for the sake of Jesus Christ?  There will come a time when we will have to make a choice; a choice to heed the whispered words of God and yield to His gentle prodding.  His Gospel is in need of being heard.  His sheep are in need of gathering.  And workers are needed to help bring in His harvest.

The time to choose to live dangerously for God is now, while there is still time left.

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Karie said...

Thanks for sharing this video Karen, I love it. I agree with what he said about standing up in dangerous situations, being a witness for God at all times, in all things, and in all places. We are so very blessed to have knowledge of the saving mission of our Savior Jesus Christ, and to be tools in His hands to bring souls unto Him.