Monday, February 7, 2011

The Echo of God's Call

The winds carry the Lord’s voice upon the face of the earth; ever-searching for willing ears upon which it may fall.  “Who will go for us?” He whispers, gently.  “Whom shall I send?”

The natural reaction of those who know and love God is to serve Him.  It is the echo of a right relationship with Him; the echo of His call.  His voice reverberates on the mountain tops, in the valleys, and in the deserts below.  Man’s soul, if the Holy Spirit dwells within it, will hear and respond.

“Here am I.  Send me!” Isaiah cried when he heard the Lord’s query (Is 6:8).  Even if he had understood the full impact of God’s request it would not have made his eagerness to serve Him any less.  Isaiah’s heart had been chosen for service long before his ears heard the echo of God’s call that reached out from the hallowed chambers of eternity and into time.  As his eyes beheld the glory of the Lord, his unclean heart was cleansed and made fit for the task that loomed before him.

Love sends out its call with all-encompassing tenderness.  Love responds.  Devotion to the One Who is calling overrides self or fear.  As trust builds, God’s strength is poured out upon the recipient of His request and prepares him for what may come.  The mantle of faith drives the saint to respond with willingness, propelling him forward in service to his Master.

Never for his own sake does the servant respond to the echo of God’s call.  It is for the sake of his King and His honor that the saint answers, “I will go for You!”

Willingly, eagerly, he goes, prepared to do battle for his Lord.  His “unclean lips” are purified by the burning ember plucked from the heavenly altar that burns ever-brightly before God’s throne (Is 6:4-7).  Once cleansed, God secures his soul by adorning His faithful servant with the helmet of salvation, a righteous breastplate, a belt of Truth, and places in his heart the impenetrable shield of faith.  His sandals are shod with nails to help him stand his ground as he wages war with God’s enemies (Eph 6:10-18).

As the saint stands with a multitude of other warriors who have been fitted for service, the Lord stands before them, leading them into battle.  His mighty sword is honed and His banner is lifted high.

The trumpet is sounded.

The battle cry is raised.

God’s voice thunders along the mountain tops, across the deeps, and over the face of the earth.  The echo of His Word is heard throughout all of eternity and His saints march forward in faith to the refrain that reverberates forever in their hearts.

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