Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Is It Truly Your Decision?

Although there will be those who disagree with me, it is my opinion that no one can "make a decision for Christ". If it had been left up to me, regardless of knowing right from wrong and my conscience being affected by that knowledge, I would never have made a decision to embrace and follow Him.   I loved my sin too much, as does all mankind.

It was only by the drawing of the Holy Spirit and my heart being opened by Him to receive Jesus Christ that I was able to see my complete wretchedness and depravity before a Holy God and my need for salvation and forgiveness for those vile sins.  And upon full recognition of my depravity, it was then that I repented for those great offenses - and continue to do so.  If God had left it up to me, I would always have found an excuse or defense for them, and I would have continued to run from Him.

Salvation cannot be attained, or preached, for that matter, without grief over and repentance for our sinfulness. 
Nor can salvation be "gained" through our own efforts without the intervention of the Holy Spirit.  He opened Lydia's heart to receive the message of salvation (Acts 16:13-15) - a perfect example of His intervention and Divine work.  The only way to know our complete depravity is for the LORD to first break through the barrier we have erected against Him, then take our hearts of stone and make them into a heart of flesh (Ezekiel 11:19-20).

Are we able to do this great work?  The answer is an emphatic "no". The work is accomplished by God, through His Holy Spirit.  It is not our own doing.  We,  because of our inherent sinfulness, evil, and wickedness, are incapable of "deciding for Christ".  For those of you who think you can because you responded to an "altar call", recited a "prayer" as a child, or allowed your emotions to move your feet for a brief moment, your own attempts at "receiving Him" were in vain.  It became your "work", your "decision", and it is all meaningless.

If you feel as though you are being drawn by the Holy Spirit, the first thing He will do is convict you of your total depravity.  He will enable you to see how greatly you have offended God and it will affect you mightily.

If indeed He is calling you out of the world, your first response should be utter remorse for the great offenses you have committed before a Holy God.   It should rend your heart so violently that you are unable to continue to stand as your eyes pour out a river of tears as you are enabled to see your wretchedness.

Your second and immediate reaction should be to fall on your knees before God with tremendous grief, confess your unworthiness, and repent and ask Him to forgive you for your sins.   The heart of stone that was once in you is in His hands from that point forward.  Your heart will become pliable as He molds it into perfection for His glory.

This is the work of the Holy Spirit.  Not your own work.  Not your own "decision" to allow Him Who is Sovereign entry into your heart, your mind, your soul, your life for your own glory and to elevate your status by labeling yourself a "Christian". 

What profound arrogance that overcomes us when we think we can make that choice for Him!

What pride we harbor when we say that our "free will" overrides the Sovereignty of God Almighty and His will!

How we minimize God and His majesty, His righteousness and holiness, His wisdom, and most importantly, His perfect form of justice when we subject to ourselves, rather than to Him, and give ourselves the credit for a worthless and noneffective "decision"!

I truly pray that you will consider what I have written here.  As I mentioned at the beginning, there will be some of you who disagree with me.  But I believe you do so at your own peril, for Scripture is clear that GOD will have the glory for His Name's sake and for His ultimate decisions - not your own.

Please take a moment and examine your heart.  Has it changed following "your decision"?  Or is it the same as it was before you chose Him?  (2Cor. 13:5-6; 1Peter 1:10-11)

(For a wonderful example of the danger of making "decisions for Christ", read the following blog post from On The Box and watch the 3 short videos that demonstrate a professing Christian's lack of understanding of the Gospel.  It's well worth your time and may help you examine your own confession of faith in Jesus Christ.)

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Mama Mimi (Dana) said...

It is not our acceptance of Him but His acceptance of us that saves us. Praise the Lord.