Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Differences and Distinctions

Wongani before Beka took him home to be with her
As most of you know by now, I have two blogs - this one and Wongani's Hope, which is dedicated to a wonderful young woman and missionary in Malawi, Africa by the name of Beka Feth and her soon-to-be-adopted son, Wongani.  Beka's journey has been an incredible one and I hope you will take the time to read her story.

Beka has been going through the process of adopting Wongani.  Unfortunately, what she has discovered is that it's not as easy and convenient as it was for Madonna when she adopted a child from Malawi.

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that Beka isn't a world-renowned secular music star like Madonna who brought international media attention over her second attempt to adopt another child.

But maybe it has more to do with the fact that Beka doesn't have the bankroll that made it possible for Madonna to adopt two children from Malawi, in spite of her not meeting the legal requirements.  Madonna was able to appeal the lower court's decision, gaining approval by Malawi's Supreme Court.  After all, she donated $3.8 million dollars to "help Malawi orphans with food, school, and shelter."  It's clear that money and status incline the ear and persuade loose legal decisions, especially in nations as poverty-stricken as Malawi.

Only those who share Madonna's home or are intimately connected to her and the children she adopted know if the court made the right decision.  It goes without saying that the children would definitely experience a "richer" life than that which they were brought out of.  With her kind of money, they would never lack for anything, unless her motives were more driven towards how it would make her appear to her audience.  Celebrities are motivated by "image," but it doesn't guarantee that the children will receive the quality of love and devotion they need.

What is disturbing, however, is that the second child, David, was not an orphan.  His mother died giving birth to him, and his uneducated father, Yahone, was led to believe that he would still have contact with his son after the adoption.  When it became apparent that his parental rights would be completely taken away from him, he attempted to stop the process.  Even though Yahone was a poor potato farmer, he loved his son.  But, once again, money and fame spoke louder and he was convinced to allow Madonna to take him home with her.

By the way, three years passed before Yahone was given the privilege of seeing his son.  Time and distance has a way of destroying any relationship that may have been developed between them, and I'm sure that any memories of his father had been erased from David's mind.

Where does Beka Feth fit into all of this?

There is a vast difference between the two women.  One is motivated by money, fame, and ungodly behavior.  The other is driven by faith, trust, and a willingness to serve the LORD, even though her pockets are empty.

One was driven by questionable motives concerning adopting an orphaned child in Malawi.  The other compelled by a love so deep and abiding that her heart could not be without him.

One woman used her influence and fortune to attempt to establish a $15 million school for 400 Malawian girls.  The other woman relied upon prayer and her own sweat and blood, hard work and the beneficence of her family and friends to build a place of hope for all the toddlers who are thrust back into poverty once they are too old for the Crisis Nurseries.

Madonna feels $18 million isn't enough.  Beka Feth is thrilled when $18.00 is placed in her hands.

One woman parades herself before the poparazzi who splay images of her walking among the orphans and destitute of Malawi for all the world to see.

The other woman, Beka Feth, quietly and humbly waits for recognition and support; never expecting notoriety, never wanting glory for herself.  And when trials are thrown in front of her progress, she only asks for our prayer.

The difference between the two women is startling.  Madonna is driven by altruism and her own works, seeking glory for herself.  Beka is led by God to complete HIS work, giving Him all the praise and glory He expects and deserves.

Because Beka lives on hope and prayer and a meager allowance, the threat of losing Wongani is looming over her.  She also doesn't meet some of the legal requirements Malawi has instituted for adoption.  Recently, she was instructed by Social Welfare to secure an attorney to complete the process, and the outlook is dim.

Beka needs our help.

Let me put it this way:  God requires our help.  If you have read Beka's story, the evidence of His providence and His will cannot be disputed.  As I mentioned in the most recent post on the other blog that outlines Beka's present need, He is fully capable of seeing Beka through this latest trial with positive results.  But He prefers that we join with Him.  He is looking for hearts that are after His own, hearts that are willing to dig deep and pray often.

Wongani, safely home with Beka and thriving!
Who knows?  Maybe this test is as much for us as it is for Beka and Wongani.  If it is, I hope you are paying attention.  I am, and I am trusting the LORD to meet her needs and forever bind her to Wongani - with my help.

Please take a moment and visit Wongani's Hope.  Read the update that is there.  Pray, and pray some more.  Then, if your heart is compelled and you have the means, please cheerfully consider helping Beka (2Cor 9:6-8).

Your gift won't be wasted or spent foolishly.  It will be greatly appreciated by Beka and faithfully used for God's glory and to further His kingdom.


Dana said...

God will not leave Beka or Wongani. Even though we don't know and don't always understand His will we still pray that it will be done. His love is great.

Marlene said...

One thing is certain, God will continue to provide for Beka and Wongani. He will bless you for telling their story and encouraging us to help. I feel so sure that God put you in Beka's path. OOs Mom