Friday, January 6, 2012

The Christian Compromise Party

Isn't labeling yourself a "Christian Democrat" an oxymoron?
In a broad sense, Webster defines "oxymoron" as "something (as a concept) that is made up of contradictory or incongruous elements." Of course, it can be argued by those bearing the title that they are "fiscal Democrats," as opposed to those who are "social Democrats." However, when you try to separate the two, failure is the only outcome.

Consider this...

If you attempt to define yourself as one or the other, you are compromising your Christianity.  How, you ask? Because if you declare yourself to be a "fiscal Democrat," you are saying you support bigger government, higher taxes, abortion on demand (paid for by your tax dollars), and every other "entitlement" the Federal Government deems worthy  and necessary (paid for by your tax dollars).

If you label yourself a "social Democrat," you support the issues mentioned above,  and more (paid for by your tax dollars), thereby aligning yourself with those in the other category who ultimately take more from us to pay for the things you support.
Sadly, these things are a contradiction to the directions we are given by God in Scripture.  So, if you attach "Christian" to your Democrat party label, it behooves you to reevaluate whether you truly are what you claim to be.

Have I made you think yet?

The same thing can be applied to those who refuse to support either party, based upon their distaste for the current Administration and/or our Congress who appears to be inept at getting anything done.  Perhaps you like the title "Christian Independent" better. You say you love Christ but hate both parties for what you perceive to be their failures in governing this nation.  But, in the meantime, you look with favor upon the current President, in spite of his position on abortion, gay marriage, and every other deviant behavior that's defended by his misguided constituents. You know...a favor for a favor in order to get re-elected?
Or you could label yourself a "Christian Moderate," which makes you neither hot nor cold and places you in the position of being "spewed," or spit, from Christ's mouth because of the bad taste you are leaving there (Rev. 3:15-16).  There is nothing worse than a "lukewarm" fence sitter who will topple either way, depending upon the direction the political wind is blowing.

And of course we have those who stubbornly and determinedly will not budge from their "Christian Libertarian" position (or, better put, philosophy/ideology).  I hate to offend them, but that label is the biggest oxymoron out there.   I can't fault them for wanting to be liberated from the ever-growing monster we call our Federal Government that threatens to consume and rob us of our individual rights granted to us by our constitution. and let live?  Legalize drugs?  Refuse to lead the fight against abortion? Maintain an isolationist posture, turn your back on growing international situations that may threaten our sovereignty, and not defend our allies as we should - most notably, Israel?  These are just a few of those pesky little problems that define this party, and they certainly don't fit my idea of morality and virtue, much less the way to properly govern this nation and maintain order in society.
Although you may agree with certain talking points from specific candidates, each of these boil down to the position of belonging to the party of "Christian Compromise."  It's not a good position to be in, don't you think?   Especially when it comes to the faith one professes to have and the God you claim to serve.
What many fail or refuse to recognize is that every one of the candidates is just another human being who is a fallen creature quite capable of the things they vehemently insist they oppose.  And when we place too much trust in what they may be saying, we elevate them to a place they don't belong.  They are sinners, just like us.  Each one of them knows how to "game" the system, regardless of the time they have spent in public office and how much they vilify those who have been there longer.  And they will say and do whatever is necessary to draw you to their side and win the nomination.
Age and wisdom has convinced me that a politician is always a politician, no matter how smoothly and convincingly they speak against issues I, too, find disturbing or frustrating.  Campaign promises are empty and meaningless.  Ask yourself how many politicians have been able to accomplish the things they woo you with to garner your vote.  I am betting you will be sitting here a long time trying to come up with even one example.  And regardless of how well-meaning they may be, once they are firmly seated in the oval office and the things that are only privy to that esteemed position are revealed to them, the promises they made take a back seat to the reality of what's truly going on behind the scenes.
Politics is a necessary evil.  I strongly believe it is the responsibility of every citizen to exercise their constitutionally given right to vote for the candidate of their choice.   I may not agree with your choice, but I respect your right to exercise it.  But it doesn't mean that you wear your Christianity on your sleeve, then embrace and espouse the convoluted positions some have on how this country should be run.  By allying with certain candidates who have dangerous ideals that go against the grain of Scripture, and has the potential to further destroy this nation that was founded upon the laws and precepts of God that you claim to embrace, is a dangerous mix, and it's one that should be strongly avoided.
LIVE your faith.  SPEAK up for it.  WALK in it.  REFLECT it...even at the polls.
In order for America to be restored and hope renewed by eliminating the current administration and their dangerous agenda, many of us who will vote may have to choke down a great deal of bile by voting for someone with whom we differ on certain issues.  I am hoping we won't have to.  I am fervently praying that God will clearly and decisively reveal to us His choice.  However, if we refuse to stand up for Jesus Christ in the up-coming election and fail to vote for the man or woman who reflects Him the most, we'll stand for nothing and deserve everything that comes.

And that's not the position I want to be in when I'm standing before Him and He asks me, "'d that 2012 election go for ya?"

When November rolls around, GET OUT AND VOTE, AND VOTE RESPONSIBLY!  Do yourself a favor and ignore all the media hype and influence, and the continual barrage of accusations of ignorance by others because you think and believe differently.  At this point in the game, all the name-calling and dirt-dredging is pointless and biased, from all directions.  This nation desperately needs a change from the "change" it got in the last election. It's time to toss out the labels and use the brains God has given us by applying HIS wisdom and electing HIS choice for America, regardless of the party platform the candidates are standing on.

Personally, I'll be eternally grateful when our true KING returns to reign. We sure won't find ourselves trying to choose the best candidate because HE will be the only one.  Until then,  when my pencil is poised over the ballot, I will remember Joshua's warning to the Israelites:
"Now therefore, fear the LORD and serve Him in sincerity and in faithfulness.   Put away the gods that your fathers served beyond the River and in Egypt, and serve the LORDAnd if it is evil in your eyes to serve the LORD, choose this day whom you will serve, whether the gods your fathers served in the region beyond the River, or the gods of the Amorites in whose land you dwell. But as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.”
Joshua 24:14-15 ESV
I just wish Jesus would return before the next election.  Hardly a day goes by that I don't groan over what I read, hear, or see and long with every fiber of my being for Him to come back and restore order.  If He would, then we would have nothing more to concern ourselves with, the squabbling over who is best suited to bring America and the world out of the ashes of ruin will thankfully end, and true peace and prosperity will be known by everyone.
THAT'S a party I want to be part of.

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