Monday, March 31, 2014

The "Noah" Movie: A Word From Me In Defense of God and His Word

"Do not be deceived: God is not mocked, for whatever one sows, that will he also reap." ~ Gal. 6:7

I am seeing on Facebook a number of professing Christians who have thrown their hard-earned money into Jewish atheist Darren Aronofsky's pocket and visited their local theater to partake in viewing this abomination he directed, which is exactly what Aronofsky had predicted would happen and, I am confident, is extremely delighted that they have.

Some of my friends and family said they wanted to make their own determination on its accuracy.   Others were merely curious.  And the worst excuse, they just wanted to be entertained.  But it's my humble opinion that there is no excuse, simply because all were warned about its blatant misrepresentation and abuse of Scripture long before the movie was released.  I might also impress upon them that God's Word should not be seen as "entertainment."

$130 million was spent to produce this movie and its opening weekend box office take was estimated at $44 million. In other words, far too many Christians took the bait dangled in front of them by their so-called pastors who encouraged them to go and to succumbing to grave deception, and it won't be long before Aronofsky and his producers begin to realize a very hefty profit.

But at whose expense?

I'll answer that question:

God's expense.  His glory and honor.  His Holy Name.  His covenant He made with Noah.  His WORD.

Equally as dire is the thought that a Christian could use this ill-conceived tripe to evangelize an unbeliever.   That particular encouragement was pressed upon congregations all across the country.  But tell me, how do you use a lie to express the truth of God?  (A genuine Christian can only answer, "you can't.")

Atheists are jubilant over the reconstruction of Scripture's account of Noah and the flood.  They understand that their fellow atheist, Aronofsky, has just provided them with another good laugh at God's expense.  In one offensive and profane article written for the God-hating crowd, five reasons are given why atheists should watch the movie.  The list is ended with, "So get out there, enjoy the film and lap it up like the deity that you’ve always wanted to be!"

Does it sound logical that the use of this movie in your Christian witness would actually convince an unbeliever, let alone an atheist? writer, Phil Cooke, lists many reasons why Christians should go see the movie, and not one of them is legitimate.

Here are a few more articles about Christians "leaders" encouraging a viewing:  this one ... this one ... and the most telling, this one.

In a recent interview, Christianity Today spoke to Aronofsky about his movie, but not once brought him to task by correcting his gross errors and his taking far too much creative license with the Biblical account.  But that shouldn't surprise those of us who view Christianity Today as a secular rag unworthy of our perusal.

I could post more, but the point should be clear:  men who openly profess and even teach Jesus Christ have no problem with misrepresenting the Word of God, and far too many weak professing Christians believe anything they are told by their "shepherds."

To those of you who are thinking of enriching Aronofsky and gleefully helping him succeed at maligning the Word of God, please reconsider.    God will not be mocked, and this is nothing but overt, blatant mockery in its worst form.  Don't be a party to sin.

If you want to know the true account of Noah, the ark, and the flood, save your money and your heart, stay at home and open your Bible, and begin reading through Genesis chapter 6 to chapter 9.  God will be greatly glorified, Jesus Christ will be revealed, and the truth will be preserved.

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