Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Divine Conductor

“And He who searches our hearts knows the mind of the Spirit, because the Spirit intercedes for the saints in accordance with God’s will.”
Romans 8:27

Like a symphony conductor, God orchestrates circumstances in the life of a saint. He either sends another to you with a message, or He directly sends the one for whom the Holy Spirit is interceding. It is at this crossroad that division is apt to come because it depends on the willingness of the saint who is being asked to assist in the intercession on God’s terms. He does not need our help, but He has asked us to be participants.

We often think it strange that we find ourselves thrust into situations affecting others; commonplace and ordinary circumstances that have little or nothing to do with us. Our patience is sometimes tested and brought to frustration levels because of the conditions of the lives of others and the choices they have made that adversely affect them. Their refusal to break the pattern of sin and discard their old way of life brings them back time and time again to the same point of failure. It is at this point of weakness and vulnerability that God may ask our assistance. But if, at that juncture, we maintain an attitude of superiority, or we are indefinite in our response, we will never be the effective witness He desires.

We are apt to wonder why it appears God places such hard cases before us when other saints seem to have an easier time of witnessing and see results we never see. We all want to rejoice in results, to the glory of God, but we are called according to His purpose, not our own. We should never question the orchestration of circumstances and people God brings into our lives for we may just be one of many He uses, and besides, God’s timing is His own. Nor should we assume the position of amateur providence and attempt to sort through and pick our own methods of intercession. Our intentions may be sincere but, if left to ourselves, we could talk until we were blue in the face and never reach the heart of a lost sinner; or we could inevitably make matters worse. Instead, we should bring that person before the throne of God where true intercession begins and step back to allow the Holy Spirit to do His work. In other words, we must never attempt to do His work for Him; rather we should allow Him to do His work through us.

The human side of intercession is the position we find God has placed us, or someone He has sent to make contact with us. It is there at that crossroad where the saint must make a decision. It is there where the human side of our involvement ends and the divine work of the Holy Spirit begins. If we choose the wrong path, someone may suffer impoverishment.

As the eyes of musicians remain fixed on the orchestra conductor as he draws by direction the instruments to a glorious finale, we, too, should keep our eyes and ears fixed on God as He orchestrates opportunities to bring other sons and daughters to glory. If we yield to what God has orchestrated and allow the Holy Spirit to direct us as He intercedes on behalf of the one He sent, we have performed our part to His satisfaction and the honor and glory remain His, as it should be.

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