Saturday, March 13, 2010

Creation Calls. Are You Listening?

Sometimes it is best to just quietly sit back and listen for God's voice.  Sometimes it is best to just quietly sit back and watch as He reveals His majesty.  I hope you are able to hear and see Him in this beautiful representation of His creation.  I believe I did.


Jim Stone said...

My younger brother Bill sent me this link and it's quite beautiful. I don't know if you remember me but we were in chorus class together. Do you remember the trip to Bellingham and the fellowship we received from the Bellingham chorus members? It's good to know that some of the people who I once knew are being held in the loving arms of Jesus.
Jim Stone

Karen L. Brahs said...

Hi, Jim! Yes, I do remember you! And I also remember the trip to Bellingham and how much fun it was. I still have old pics of that trip and every time I look at them, it brings back great memories.

I'm sure glad you found me here in my tiny space on the internet. Bill and my sister, Dana, have been communicating a lot since they found each other on Facebook. It's wonderful to renew old friendships - and even more wonderful to discover there is a common bond: our faith and love for our Lord Jesus.

Unfortunately, I didn't find the Lord until much later in my life. When I look back and realize how many of my friends were Christians, I am saddened that I didn't pay more attention. I was bogged down by my Dad's legalistic church and ran from that, praise God! (Dad finally rejected what he had been taught and found Christ and the truth 2 years before he died.) It took half my life and persistence from Dana before I fully turned to my Savior. What sweet peace and overwhelming joy He has brought me! Steve, my husband, is also saved, as are my 2 sons and families. God has truly worked His grace in our lives.

Are you in Hawaii? Silly question, considering your closing! lol I hope you visit here often. I try to post at least twice a week so there's something new for people to read.

It was wonderful hearing from you, Jim!

In Christ,