Thursday, March 11, 2010

Flower of Righteousness

Isaiah 40:7-8

Like the wild flowers that burst forth from the warming earth, we are brought into life.  Our heads break through the darkness of the hard-packed soil of sin with which we are encased, pushing and shoving against it until, at last, the final clod of earthly sin falls away and the glorious light of the Sun falls upon our tender shoot.  And like the wildflower, the Sun’s radiance strengthens the stalk of our countenance, supporting the pregnant bud of righteousness that forms.

As each day passes, the wildflower flourishes and feeds upon the nourishment the Sun provides.  Its roots spread below the loosened soil, providing strength to the stalk that puts forth new branches, and each one forms another bud that reaches toward the heavenly Light.  There are times when certain flowers need assistance from others to open the heavy buds that rest upon their stalks.  But when they do begin to open, their vibrant color and sweet fragrance fill the air and others are drawn to feed from them.  The Hand of Providence that brought forth the flowers offers the same life-giving force to those who are gently lured to receive it.

Eventually, the flower must fade, for that is the way of the cycle of life.  However, contained within the miracle of the flower and its fading life is a surety of continuance.  The seeds which are encased within the heart of the flower’s bud are released upon the soil below its feet.  They are carried on the wings of others and lifted onto the breath of the wind, soaring across the earth and replanted where they come to rest.  Their time was fleeting, but their undying faithfulness is rewarded by the Sun that drew them to life.

Our lives are much like the wildflowers that adorn the mountains and fields.  Although it appears they burst forth without assistance and are scattered across the earth in randomness, there is a Hand that draws them forth from the earthly clay.  They are molded and shaped and crowned with splendor and beauty by a wisdom we can only ponder upon.  Each flower created by God has a purpose in its brief life, as ordained by Him.  They are intended to magnify His creation and reveal Him with color and vibrancy, but are also meant to feed others who come upon them.

We know the darkness of the earth from whence we were drawn.  We understand that, until our tender shoots burst forth into Christ’s glorious Light, life would not begin.  The petals formed upon the bud of righteousness that adorns us are meant to draw others and cause them to wonder.  The Light of Jesus’ presence, the vivid colors with which He clothes us, and the sweet fragrance of the Holy Spirit within us and that emanates from us will draw those in need of Him.  And as life’s petals fall to the ground, the seeds we bear and that are broadcast upon the hearts of others will guarantee a continuance of life.

I desire to be made into a flower of righteousness, Lord.  Let my fleeting life here, and the beauty with which You have so graciously adorned me, draw others to You.

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