Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Greatest Treasure

Who am I to question God?  Who am I to ask why He appears to bless one and withhold from another?  He is the Sovereign Lord and His ways are His own, not mine to question. (read Isaiah 40:12-14)

It is only the outside of others' lives that are evident to us, not the inside where the truth lies.  In reality, what may appear as a trouble-free life may truly be one of inner spiritual turmoil.  What we see on the surface may defy what is hidden within.  Each one of us has a specific position in life as deemed by the Lord.  A man may be rich beyond his dreams, yet be the most spiritually destitute.  However, the poorest of men among us may be the richest and not know his poverty because of his relationship with Christ.  The reasons behind God's divine wisdom of granting one person wealth and another poverty are solely His.  How He deals with others, in blessings and trials, should not be my concern. (read John 21:20-23)

Ask yourself this question: did Jesus first approach the wealthy, the princes and rulers, the "movers and shakers" of this world?  The answer is that the first to know Him were the common folk whom He chose to be His disciples; and the first to hear His Word were the poor, the sick, the down-trodden, hungry dregs of society (read Matthew 5:1-12).  Jesus condemned the rich oppressors.  He over-turned the tables of their arrogance and pride and taught that it was better to give all one had than to receive more of what one had not earned. 

No amount of money or worldly physical comforts can add a whit of security to what Jesus has already given me.  Although I fail to acknowledge it as often as I should, I am rich beyond comprehension.  My wealth does not consist of money or earthly possessions that "moth and rust destroy" (read Matthew 6:19-21).  The treasure I seek and embrace is based upon the promise God made from the beginning and concluded with His Son on Calvary. 

When I leave this world, I will take nothing with me other than what He has poured in - His Holy Spirit and eternal life with Christ.  It is then that I shall fully know the greatest treasures and rewards, and the paltry things I leave behind will not matter.


I praise you, Almighty God, for Your merciful hand of providence and Your wisdom for knowing what is best for me.  Lord, purify my heart from envy and worry.  Help me keep my eyes focused on You, the Risen Christ, and the heavenly treasures that await me.  Nothing here on this earth can compare to the reward of having eternal life with You, for You are the greatest treasure man can possess.

In Your precious Name, Lord,

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