Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Crossing the Line: Should A Woman Preach In Church?

There is a question that is all-to-often ignored in today's churches.  It has spawned a great amount of debate in many denominational circles, including the Episcopal and Catholic churches.  It is also one that is blatantly ignored in churches that are influenced by the charismatic movement that have arisen over the last century; i.e., those who misinterpret and misuse the "gifts of the Spirit" (see 1Corinthians 12-14).  The question is whether or not women should preach or teach in the church.

I am a firm believer that God's divine plan was for women to be submissive to men.  Not in an authoritarian and oppressive way, or that a man should debase a woman by hovering supremacy over her, but in align with the structure God set forth from the beginning with Adam and Eve, and her being man's "helpmate".  The problem I have had in the past when hearing a woman assume the pastoral role when the body of Christ meets, or in any other situation that demonstrates a teaching position, has been one of extreme discomfort.  For no other reason than the obvious Biblical instruction, it greatly disturbs me to hear a woman preach and I will not take part in that setting, even rising and leaving the church that allows it.

To some, this may sound "legalistic".  On the contrary, it is Biblical and it is also God's will that in His wisdom in establishing governmental structure over His church as Scripture teaches us, there is divine influence regarding a woman's proper role :

"Now I want you to realize that the head of every man is Christ, and the head of the woman is man, and the head of Christ is God."  (1Corinthians 11:3)

This does not mean that man is superior to woman other than he is the source of her existence (Genesis 2:4-25), and also the source she should seek for proper Godly instruction.

Peter defines God's will in this by stressing a woman's submissiveness to her husband in 1Peter 3:1-6.  Her true beauty will be found on the inside, not through adornment on the outside.  She will also show her husband tremendous respect and love by remaining obedient to the position she has been placed.  I must add, however, that there is also a responsibility with the husband to remain obedient to God and to share his Godliness and the instruction he has received with her in order that she be the wife to him that God desires.

Pastor John MacArthur does a much better job at explaining the Biblical instruction regarding this question.  I invite you to click here to read and, prayerfully, understand God's will, as spoken through the Apostle Paul where he addressed the church that was allowing the practice of women to speak during an assembly  (if you are not directly linked to the commentary relating to this subject, please see the right hand column on Pastor MacArthur's page that shows "Recent Q and A's" for the correct one).

Paul understood God's intention was to prevent disruptions during worship and a way for man and woman to work together for the betterment of the church body, rather than dividing it.  God established a line of authority that, if applied correctly, would keep the church unified and in agreement.  It is my firm belief that if this line of authority is crossed, the body of Christ suffers and is in peril of being deceived.

I encourage you to read God's Word and Pastor MacArthur's commentary so that you can determine this for yourself. 

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Mama Mimi (Dana) said...

It's really not rocket science. God knows the best way to set things up. He made men to take care of women not the other way around. Churches that have women preachers have weak men in the church. That church will fail because of disobedience to God's Word. Women have their role in the church however and no less important to God.