Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Suffering Blog!

I thought I should post a quick note to let everyone know that I haven't abandoned the blog.  Last fall, my husband and I bought a boat - a big boat.  Well, at least it is big enough; almost too big because of the requirements to tow it.  But we knew this before tackling such a behemoth and are really looking forward to finishing the refurbishing we began when we got it home so we can get it in the water and enjoy it with our kids and grandkids.
My husband, Steve, filled his unemployed time last winter by completely restoring the interior of the cabin and, I might pridefully add, has done a wonderful job.  After removing all the cabinetry and months of sanding the teak and mahogany that literally cried out for help, applying many new coats of varnish, and tearing out the original carpet and upholstery that absolutely needed to go and laying down new teak floor, she is almost ready for her christening and launch.  That is, after we get some outside work completed that required warmer weather and I get done reupholstering the interior. 

I wasn't sure I wanted to tackle such a project.  Mainly because I needed a heavy duty sewing machine to sew the #10 duck canvas I wanted to replace the old fabric with (grandkid-proof!) and I lacked the space needed to roll it out and cut it.  But the estimates we received convinced me that it would be prudent and cost-effective for me to do so!  (Ouch! they were high!)  So to EBay we went for the sewing machine, the fabric was ordered and the supplies I needed purchased, and that's currently where I'm at.  By doing the work myself, we have saved over two-thirds of the estimated cost!  It's a big project, but I am confident I can accomplish it.  My living room floor has become my cutting table and my dining table sports the sewing machine.  It's the moving everything around that's the biggest headache.  Oh, how nice it would be to have a room I could make a mess in and then close the door when I was done!
So, bear with me, folks!  I will try my hardest to post new articles as my work on the upholstery progresses.  When I'm done, I'll post a picture of the newly refurbished boat so you can see what we have done.  In the meantime, delight in the Lord and continue the work He has set before you! 

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I appreciate the magnitude of your project!