Friday, May 14, 2010

When Is Enough Enough?

During a recent speech on financial reform, our President raised the ire of many by insinuating there were those who have made enough money in their lifetime and that to further enrich themselves was unnecessary and revealed their greedy nature.  This statement was not intended to encourage those with less to reach for higher goals and aspirations.  Nor was it expressed to encourage those with more to continue to work hard and provide jobs that are so greatly needed at this time.  Instead, it was meant to belittle and denigrate those who have succeeded in attaining wealth through a lifetime of hard work and, more importantly, cause the lower income classes to resent those who are successful and demand they be given what they have not earned from the treasuries of those who have earned it.  In effect, Obama was placing a cap on how much he felt a person could amass in his lifetime, furthering his hatred for capitalism and his lust for control of the U.S. economy by using intimidation and finger-pointing.  Perhaps he should turn his accusing finger upon himself, considering his $5 million declaration of income last year.  Might I ask, Mr. President, if it was enough for you?

Although I strongly disagree with Obama’s entire socialist agenda and his attempt to tear down the America we know and love and unite the world into one giant global government and economy, the question “when is enough enough” should be asked by each of us.  Not in the way Obama wants us to apply it, but by Biblical standards.  It is not the “what” and “how much” we have in our lives that matters.  Rather it is the “Who” we hold claim to that should be the most vital asset we possess.  A person could be the most poverty-stricken soul on this earth yet, if he possesses the Lord, he has the riches of Solomon, the wealth of a thousand kingdoms.  Nothing more can be added that could possibly assure him of greater wealth, comfort, or stature, because he wears a crown of glory upon his head and is adorned with a white robe of righteousness wrapped around his shoulders by God Himself.

When we possess Jesus Christ, our treasury becomes an indestructible heavenly storehouse of riches.  It is eternal, everlasting.  It is divinely guarded and impenetrable.  Unlike our earthly possessions which our President wants to pilfer and give to others, our heavenly treasures cannot be taken from us (Matt 6:19-21).  They are diamonds and rubies fixed firmly in the purest gold that no man can ever pry from their setting.  They are pearls of great wisdom, and silver and gold refined and tested in eternity’s furnace.  And all is laid upon a foundation of the most precious gems, making it durable and everlasting (Rev. 21:19-21).

This, and more, is the answer to Obama’s arrogance in his statement.  He may want to take all that I have and put it into the hands of those who do not deserve it, but he will only temporarily harm me by doing so.  His actions may make my earthly life uncomfortable.  He and the world may even frighten me at times.  But I know when enough is enough for I have already attained it.  I have an eternal inheritance that can never be taxed or taken from me.  The “Who” I hold and claim as my greatest treasure is my Portion, my Savior Jesus Christ.  He is the answer.  He is enough for me.

Additional reading:

Genesis 33:9
Psalm 119:57

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