Friday, May 21, 2010

A Strange Mix: Posner, Arizona, and Chinese Attorney Gao Zhi sheng

It seems the current Obama administration is not short of indiscretions, cow-towing and bowing to foreign heads of state, or for making verbal blunders that bode poorly on their worsening image.  Some people may not catch the undertones or innuendos, preferring to believe that the moves made by Obama's henchmen are for the best interest of America and the world.  But those who are listening closely do, further adding more distrust and a bad taste in their mouths over the rapid movement to destabilize and minimize our nation.

The latest flub came from the mouth of Michael Posner, Assistant Secretary of State to Hillary Clinton.  In a closed-door meeting with Chinese officials, Posner did the unthinkable.  He apologized to China for what he perceives to be the  United State's deplorable human rights offenses, specifically addressing the latest illegal immigration law that was signed by Arizona's governor.  You know, the one being touted as the cruelest form of punishment we could ever inflict on a person attempting to thwart the laws of the United States and illegally cross the Mexico border into the sovereign southern states.  

It does not matter that the majority of the illegals who are sneaking into our nation bring guns, drugs, and crime with them, and also destroy private property, rob people of their possessions, drive up the cost of services, threaten the safety of our citizens and, sadly, kill them.  Nor does it matter that our borders are so porous that it has also been proven that Islamic terrorists have slithered across the border in the dead of night, leaving their prayer rugs and their precious Korans in the dirt behind them.  The irony behind the foolishness of Posner's admission to China regarding America's human rights woes was that he gave it during a press conference and revealed how truly naive and stupid he really is.  Did he seriously think we would agree and give him kudos for his self-declared misguided ideologies?

Posner's narrow-minded altruism prevents him from seeing the truth, especially the truth about the nation he was apologizing to.  China holds the worst human rights abuse record in the world.  That is an undisputed fact.  Having no concern or compassion for their people, they forbid peaceful dissent, arrest them without cause, torture them, seize possessions and property,  force abortion, enslave those who refuse to toe the Communist Chinese line, imprison them in "re-eduction through labor camps", inflicting a form of brain-washing to return them to subservience, murder those who fail to do so, and brutally shoot any North Korean for daring the freezing waters in an attempt to flee their own dark  and God-less nation.  Their bloated bodies floating in the river that borders China and North Korea testify  to China's own illegal immigration laws.

To top it off, China is extremely hostile to the true form of Christianity.  In an attempt to appease the Christian world in 1951, China initiated what is called the "Three Self Patriotic Church", claiming to allow Chinese Christians to practice Christianity.  It basically involves "self-governance, self-support, and self propagation."  In other words, it is all smoke and mirrors and bears no resemblance to the true form of Judeo-Christian doctrine and tenets because it forbids the preaching of Jesus Christ and strictly forbids any proselytizing.  Because of this, millions of Chinese Christians are forced underground in order to worship their Savior and further His Gospel. 

There used to be a time when China was condemned for their brutality against its citizens.  It appears that is no longer the case.  Posner, who held the position of president of the group Human Rights First, led the "Stop the Torture" brigade over Abu Graib, filing a lawsuit against former President George Bush for allowing what they deem to be torture, and was also brought up in the ranks and funded by that fine fellow, George Soros, wasted no time in denigrating America and creating an image of hateful, discriminating, violent Americans bent on using racial profiling and illegal means to stop the illegal immigration problem.  Nothing could be further from the truth but, the truth is not what the Obama administration wants any of us to know about.

As I attempted to sort out the devil in the details, I caught something that was said during a debate about Posner's statement on Fox News' The O'Reilly Factor.  O'Reilly's guest, Juan Williams, in his weak liberal defense of Posner, stated that the intent of the meeting was to discuss all human rights abuses, and that he was sure Posner had addressed China's own.  He then went on to say that a "Chinese attorney" who was being detained by the Chinese government was also discussed.  However, much to my dismay, O'Reilly was not interested and the conversation diverted to what he thought was more relevant.

It is my belief that Gao Zhi sheng, the Chinese Christian civil rights attorney that is profiled often here, is the one Williams spoke of.  Or, at least that is my hope.  As many of you know, China Aid Association has tirelessly worked on behalf of Gao to secure his release.   A flood of letters and petitions has been sent to our Congressmen, our President, and to the United Nations calling for China to, at the very least, reveal Gao's whereabouts and well-being.  A large number of Congressmen wrote and signed a letter to the Chinese government demanding his release.  And I am confident that China Aid will not rest until this information is provided and Gao is, at last, back in the arms of his family.

God often uses the worst of situations to bring about good.  We all know and understand this.  If you are not familiar with this truth, read the Old Testament that bears its testimony.  God's purpose for Gao's persecution is solely His own.  We cannot begin to understand why our God would allow the atrocities that are committed against His children.  But we accept it because, ultimately, His purpose and will is met.  We hold fast to the fact that because of who we are, Christians in an ever-darkening world, we will meet similar persecution, even as violent as what Gao and others have experienced.  Our responsibility is to cling to the Gospel, give it as the opportunities arise, and bear what comes by faith and prayer.

Even if deliverance from persecution is delayed, there are times when God reveals He is still working on our behalf.  Within the heated debate about a poorly misspoken  and inappropriate statement made by Posner were a few words that gave me hope for Gao.  The Lord used the opportunity and took a man bent on destroying America's reputation as being the most compassionate nation regarding human rights and used his words to speak His own:  Gao has not been forgotten.

Although the Obama administration has defended Posner's statement, those of us who stand with Gao and others like him will not remain silent.  Attempts may be made to silence Christians by intimidation, coercion, and threats of death.  But one thing is for certain:  God will be heard, even in the midst of the clamor of one simple sentence.

I would like to conclude by saying that I received an update on Gao today by The Voice of the Martyr's Be-A-Voice Network.  It was disturbing in that it reported that Gao was once again missing and his whereabouts unknown.  In light of the recent Posner-China debaucle, it is my prayer that China is finally feeling the international Christian pressure on Gao's behalf and has only moved him out of the limelight in order to get the world to focus on America's so-called indiscretions as described by Posner.  (You can read China Aid's latest update here.)  I am positive that by doing so, China feels its dark secrets will remain unexposed or ignored.

Please continue to pray for Gao and others who are being held against their will in China.  Pray for their health, their well-being, and their faithfulness to their Savior Jesus Christ.  Pray, also, that the Chinese authorities who are detaining Christians will come to know their error, repent, and embrace the Lord as their Savior. 

By the way, while you are praying for Gao, you might offer one up for Michael Posner.

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