Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Drat it! Winter's Here!

Well, our beautiful and warm fall days have finally ended.  In one night, we went from having 65 to 70 degree days to a balmy 35 and dipping well below freezing at night.  The first storm also brought with it a couple inches of snow and cold winds.  And the bears are looking for a place to hibernate.  Looks comfy, doesn't he?

So, in honor of Winter and more snow to come, the blog has been given an appropriate seasonal face lift.  I only wish that I, too, could get one...I'm getting too old to play outside in the snow...my old bones just don't handle the cold like they used to...I'm complaining already - and so is my dog. She's decided it's better to hug the heater than brave the outside.  We're fighting for position.

I know we're told not to wish our lives away, but I wish winter was already over!  Here's to a quick one and the warmth of Spring to come - soon!  I can hope, can't I?

(I wonder if that bear would mind it if I just curled up next to him and slept the winter away?)     :o)


P.S.  The bears may curl up  and snooze through the winter, but I'll still be slugging along here on the blog... that is, if the snow doesn't bury me.  Keep checking in once in a while, will you?  I may need you to come and rescue me.

Oh! And bring hot cocoa...and maybe a few extra blankets...and a shovel...it'd be nice if you would load your truck with some extra firewood...and...

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