Saturday, October 1, 2011

180 Movie: I Dare You to Watch This

How many times have you found yourself engaged in a lengthy and often heated conversation with someone who is pro-choice only to leave feeling more frustrated and heartbroken than you were before you began?

Anyone who values the life of an unborn child has experienced this at least once, if not more times than you can count.  But there are those whose hearts are so deeply affected and grieved by the horror of abortion that to be involved in this type of conversation leads them to go to extraordinary measures to try and convince the one they are speaking to that their thinking is a grave and deadly error.  Ray Comfort is one such person and he has gone the extra mile with his new video production, "180."

Those who are familiar with Ray Comfort and his off-beat but effective brand of street preaching know of his success in spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  If you have watched the videos of Ray and his associates, like Tony Miano and Kirk Cameron, boldly approach sinners on the mean streets of southern California, or are a regular reader of his many blogs and websites, you understand and approve of his style and delivery and applaud the conviction that quite often comes across the faces of those with whom he is speaking.

Sin is sin.  We all know that no one sin is greater than another in God's eyes.  As Ray and the others always reinforce, if we have broken one, we have broken them all (James 2:9-11).  But I can honestly say that I have rarely, if ever, witnessed the speed of conviction over the obvious sins Comfort lays out in his street witness than when the topic of abortion is presented in "180."  As is displayed in this pro-life video, the results and the time it took to convict  are nothing short of jaw-dropping.

I am sure there will be some who will condemn Ray Comfort for using the analogy of the Holocaust to present his case against abortion.  Although the images are graphic, you will see just how effective the parallels are and how our society, especially our youth, are not being taught about important historical facts and the people who have played a genocidal role in our world.  I share in his tremendous dismay and grief over the reaction he received to his initial question about who Hitler was.  But Ray is successful in tying the two together because the Holocaust and abortion are equally atrocious and destructive to the sanctity of life, and both should be viewed as unmitigated and unwarranted slaughter of the innocents.

I hope you will take 33 minutes and 3 seconds to watch this video, even if you are of the mindset that you wouldn't personally abort your own baby, but feel that a woman has the right to choose for herself, or there are special circumstances that make it acceptable.  As my niece wrote when she shared it on Facebook, "I dare you to watch this."  You may just find that you also will take a 180 degree turn in your thinking.

That is the reason this pro-life video was produced and that's what Ray, the producers, and I are praying will happen.  If our prayers are answered and your heart is changed, please share this on your own blog and ask others to do the same.  Purchase a copy for mere pennies and hand it to someone you know, share it with your church, or even give a copy to a stranger.

By doing one or all of the above, together we can end abortion and give the unborn the first breath of life they deserve.

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